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EXPLO Focus  |  Wheaton College Architecture + Engineering

Meet with architects and engineers from leading firms to design functional and aesthetic buildings, learn the tools of modeling 3D structures, sketch out blueprints, and more.

About this Focus

Campus: Wheaton College Grades: 6-7

New in 2022: How do architecture and engineering together define the spaces we inhabit and the future of our world? Step into EXPLO’s Architectural Studio to learn about how to shape space. Design functional and aesthetic buildings, learn the tools of modeling 3D structures, and sketch out blueprints and elevation drawings. Then, put on your engineering hat, and get ready to solve the problem of how to actually build your design within the constraints of the natural landscape and other environmental factors. Along the way, explore how human-centered design shapes the spaces we build. Whether you’re creating a small-scale structure that can withstand a simulated natural disaster or working with a team to design a green school of the future, you’ll be engineering architectural solutions to the challenges facing our communities, environment, and our wider world.


  • Architectural Tour of Boston — Travel into the city of Boston to do fieldwork, examining historical and contemporary designs up close and practicing site plan sketches and two-point perspectives.

  • Create Blueprints + 3D Models — Create scale model constructions of your designs using different tangible tools and architectural techniques.

  • Work with Experienced Architects — Meet with professional engineers and architects from Boston-based firms to gain insight into the design process and construction of a building. 

  • Design for the Future — Learn how green design, passive homes, and energy efficiency are being implemented in sustainable architecture. Then, apply those design and engineering tools to build your own structure that can weather the future of climate change. 

Focus Details


  • Session 1: July 3 – July 15, 2022
  • Session 2: July 17 – July 29, 2022

Tuition: $5,875