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EXPLO Pre-College  |  Wellesley College Artificial Intelligence + Machine Learning

Build the cutting edge work that creates lasting impacts on human civilization through advances in computing.

About this Concentration

Campus: Wellesley College Rising Grades: 10-12

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are the dawnings of a new era in human history. These technologies harness our mental and cognitive abilities to a degree not seen since the technological advances of the industrial revolution helped us harness our physical abilities. The impact is already felt in nearly every industry and facet of life, from biotechnology and medicine to climate change and the future of democracy. The technology we create helps us unlock insights about everything from our own daily decisions and behaviors to large global systems. How this civilization-altering technology unfolds is well within our hands, and is being shaped by the ethical and technological decisions we make today.

In EXPLO Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, address these important decisions through discussions, case studies, coding experiments, and creative projects. Connect with the data scientists, researchers, business leaders, AI activists, and artists who are navigating the impacts of AI as we speak. In addition, consider issues of bias, equity, privacy, security, and more as you design and implement your own machine learning process.

Tuition + Admission

College credit is available through Sarah Lawrence College. Learn more.


  • Bias in AI — Analyze AI software, such as the facial recognition or voice automation built into many smartphones, and investigate if its functionality is compromised due to bias in the underlying dataset it’s built on.
  • Deep Fakes — A video surfaces of a foreign nation state leader pledging an immediate nuclear attack on US soil. Within minutes, it’s gone viral, and the US military mobilizes. Later, the video is debunked by leading AI scientists as a deep fake. Learn to identify and combat these deep fakes as they become increasingly sophisticated, prevalent, and dangerous.
  • COVID-19 Vaccine Case Study — Discover how some of the world’s best minds harnessed the power of artificial intelligence to develop a COVID-19 vaccine on an unprecedented timescale — and what some of those same scientists now say about future applications of the technology for other long-standing biomedical challenges.
  • Machine Learning Project — Write machine learning code that produces insightful results from a large dataset. To ensure its reliability and security, get personalized feedback from expert partners in AI and machine learning industries.

Concentration Details


  • Session 1: June 25 - July 14

Tuition: $7,350

Required Materials:

  • EXPLO Pre-College students are required to bring a laptop, computer, tablet, or Chromebook to the program. All devices must be able to access the Internet and utilize basic word processing and presentation-type programs (PowerPoint, Keynote, etc.) Rentals are available after enrollment in the program. Please contact our Admissions Team at 781.762.7400 for more information on rentals.
  • Prerequisite: EXPLO Artificial Intelligence + Machine Learning relies on a basic understanding of the programming language Python. For students unfamiliar with it, we strongly recommend Codecademy’s Python 3 course (the first 7-10 hours; functions, control flow, lists, and loops) or the book Python Crash Course by Eric Matthes.
There is no pressure. You are just there to have fun and to learn. It takes a lot of the pressure off your shoulders. You go to class with a positive attitude because you are interested in what you are learning and you just do it.

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