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EXPLO Focus  |  Wheaton College Emergency Medicine

Instead of lectures and textbooks, jump straight into intubating, suturing, taking vital signs, and CPR in state-of-the-art sim labs.

Student Life 

About this Focus

Campus: Wheaton College Rising Grades: 6-7

Picture yourself trying out the latest in medical technology, techniques, and equipment. Then picture yourself getting to do it shoulder-to-shoulder with some of Boston’s best emergency responders. At Emergency Medicine, focus on learning how to treat any case that comes crashing through those emergency room doors — and begin to understand why it’s important to treat the person as well as their symptoms. Instead of lectures and textbooks, jump straight into intubating, suturing, vital signs, and CPR. Hear from doctors, firefighters, and emergency helicopter operators, who will teach you how to identify and treat a range of symptoms, navigate triage situations, and build a set of skills that will prepare you for any emergency.

Tuition + Admission


  • Medical Simulation Lab — Visit the STRATUS Center for Medical Simulation and treat lifelike patients, practicing placing IVs and suturing wounds. 
  • Boston MedFlight — Tour helicopters used to air-lift patients and work with emergency responders to intubate patient dummies.
  • CPR + First Aid Certification — Become CPR + First Aid certified and prepare to respond to a number of real-life emergency situations that you might encounter. 
  • Mass-Casualty Incident — Participate in a culminating mass-casualty incident and work with fellow students to prioritize patients that are in need of care. From back boarding and splinting to placing emergency room calls, you'll ensure that all patients on the scene are treated.

Focus Details


  • Session 1: July 3 – July 15, 2022

Tuition: $5,875