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EXPLO Focus  |  Sarah Lawrence College Foreign Affairs

Examine how the interplay between power, order, communication, and self-interest impacts foreign policy and international law as you meet experts who help shape policy decisions around the world.

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About this Focus

Campus: Sarah Lawrence College Rising Grades: 8-10

An ally nation offers aid to a neighboring country ravaged by an earthquake, but doesn’t intervene in another’s civil war. A major world power announces it will open its doors to all incoming refugees, only to subsequently scale back and start implementing quotas. As part of an increasingly interconnected world, nations are ever more required to adapt their trade, migration, and economic strategies. Explore global policy decisions from an international perspective, giving equal consideration to all countries — from the smallest island nations to the largest world powers. Take on the role of global leaders, corporate CEOs, government agents, and NGO workers as you work with (and against) classmates on international efforts ranging from combating terror cells to addressing the international refugee crisis.

Tuition + Admission


  • Global Professionals — Meet with practicing experts in the fields of diplomatic relations and foreign affairs for an insider look at real-world policy recommendations and decisions. Past trips have included visits to the United Nations and the Council on Foreign Relations.
  • International Policy — Draft global policy during a series of simulations and connect with global leaders at organizations, like the US Mission and the UN, and learn about how these entities enact global change. 
  • Non-State Actors — Determine how non-state actors contribute to global policy decisions as you investigate the work of NGOs, journalists, and corporate leaders. 
  • Simulations — Be a player on the world stage while participating in a series of fast-paced simulations based on real global issues, such as the Arctic security challenge or a major cyber attack.

Focus Details


  • Session 1: July 3 – July 15, 2022

Tuition: $5,875

Required Materials:

  • EXPLO Focus students are required to bring a laptop, computer, tablet, or Chromebook to the program. All devices must be able to access the Internet and utilize basic word processing and presentation-type programs (PowerPoint, Keynote, etc.) Rentals are available after enrollment in the program. Please contact the Admission Team for more information.

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