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EXPLO Pre-College + Career  |  Colby College Psychology + Neuroscience

Explore the anatomy and inner workings of the brain, learn about cutting edge treatments for mental illness, and use psychological theory to design, test and run an experiment that investigates human behavior.

Academics Psychology + Neuroscience

About this Concentration

Campus: Colby College Grades: 10-12

From avatar therapy to building better business brands to refining pharmacological treatment of mental health through genetic markers, explore the vast applications of psychology and neuroscience that influence the way we work, live and interact with one another. We’ll dive into the interactions between psychology and neuroscience and foundational questions such as what is the biological basis of human behavior, for our emotions, reactions and memories? How does the brain give rise to the mind? How does therapy change not only how we think and feel, but also change the structures of our brain?

The COVID -19 pandemic has exposed just how important positive social interaction is to maintaining overall health and mental wellness. As part of an extended case study, examine current research on the impacts of restricted social interaction including anxiety, depression and trauma and discuss current therapy models used to help patients improve their overall mental health. Connect with professionals in a range of careers that utilize a background in psychology and neuroscience. Under the direction of medical professionals, learn to read head CT scans and examine images such as MRIs to diagnose a range of neurological conditions. In a simulation, take on the role of a Criminal Forensic Psychologist and offer expert testimony in defense of a client who claims to have made a false confession.

For the culminating project, develop an original research question and design an experiment that investigates human behavior. Collect and analyze data and present to a panel of clinical professionals at the end-of-session symposium. In EXPLO’s Psychology + Neuroscience Concentration, start to make sense of the complexities of the neural network that keeps our bodies functioning and explore the aspects of human behavior that light you up.

College credit available through Sarah Lawrence College. Learn more.


  • College Admissions + Research Opportunities

    Hear from program advisors and admission officers in psychology and neuroscience departments. Get advice on how to prepare for and apply to competitive programs and learn about exciting research opportunities that will open your eyes to the vast applications and areas of study related to psychology and neuroscience.

  • World-Class Industry Experts

    Connect with some of the most influential researchers in psychology + neuroscience and learn more about academic preparation and experiential pathways to help prepare you for exciting careers in fields such as clinical psychology, behavioral neuroscience, criminal and organizational psychology and more.

    Example past speaker: Dr. Laurie Santos, Professor of Psychology, Yale University
  • Trips

    Past trips have included visits to research labs and simulation training centers where students gain hands-on access to the latest in brain imaging technology and therapy solutions including virtual reality and google glasses and fMRI and EEG imaging.

  • Conduct Research + Present

    Complete an original research project and present your findings in our end-of-session, Brain Summit Symposium. Professional clinicians will hear presentations and provide feedback.

  • Brain Dissection

    Dissect a brain in a session led by a neuroscientist.

  • Participate in Ongoing Research

    Participate in an active research study and compare your results to previous participants.

  • Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy

    Explore the latest technology applications such as VR exposure therapy used to diagnose and treat PTSD and anxiety and neuro-assistive devices that help children manage the challenges and features of autism.

    Past expert sessions have included Dr. Skip Rizzo, Director for Medical Virtual Reality and Ned Sahin, CEO of Brain Power, LLC.

  • Neuroimaging Technology

    Get hands-on experience with the latest neuroimaging technology. Interpret EEG readings, discuss how scans are being used in determining treatment protocols and other applications of these technologies in research and patient treatment.

Concentration Details


  • Session 1: June 27 - July 9, 2021
  • Session 2: July 11 - July 23, 2021

Tuition: $5,875

Required Materials:

  • EXPLO Pre-College + Career students are required to bring a laptop, computer, tablet, or Chromebook to the program. All devices must be able to access the Internet and utilize basic word processing and presentation-type programs (PowerPoint, Keynote, etc.) Rentals are available after enrollment in the program. Please contact the Admission Team for more information.
  • Required Reading Prior to the Start of the Program:
    7 ½ Lessons About the Brain by Lisa Feldman Barrett (2020)
    Dr. Lisa Feldman Barrett is among the top one percent most cited scientists in the world for her research. Prior to arriving on campus, students should have read Dr. Barrett’s forthcoming book. EXPLO was able to preview a pre-release copy of the book and is in talks with Dr. Feldman Barrett to join us in 2021 as a guest instructor.
I hope to pursue a PhD in clinical psychology. [On the college application essay] I wrote about the connections I made there, [the] accepting environment, and how [the] passionate and engaged students and instructors gave me confidence and knowledge in what I want to pursue... At EXPLO I was able to explore in an environment where I felt fully accepted and safe. It also showed me the kind of community I want to be a part of- somewhere with passionate and engaged students, and caring and creative teachers.

Emma Clayton, Haverford College

Psychology and neuroscience are not subjects available to me at my school. The resources this program offered, especially the variety of guest speakers who shared their most valuable work with us, would never have been available to me if I had tried to learn about these fields on my own. I know now that there are countless opportunities and career options in this field.

EXPLO Student

Learn From Our Experts

Our experts and advisors are both on campus and behind the scenes, training a lens on future-focused learning to prepare students for college, career, and beyond.

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