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EXPLO Focus  |  Sarah Lawrence College Sports Management

Learn about negotiations and business strategies from media and marketing professionals as you tackle key challenges facing sports management professionals. In this Focus, hone the broad range of skills needed to thrive in the ever-changing industry of sports management — and shape your vision for the future of sports in society.

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About this Focus

Campus: Sarah Lawrence College Rising Grades: 8-10

An athlete hires an agent to negotiate the best possible contract and sponsorships. A sports reporter covers a major scandal across multiple social media platforms, spinning it to the public with finesse. In a multi-billion dollar industry tasked with adapting for the next generation of sports fans, managing the world of sports has become an interdisciplinary battleground. Explore strategic decisions from both financial and human interest perspectives and take on the role of reporter, negotiator, athlete, and owner as you work with classmates to achieve industry success and shape the future of sports management. Finally, work in consulting teams to advise a real-world sports team on issues that they are currently grappling with, and engage in a final presentation to those stakeholders.  

Tuition + Admission


  • Strategic Thinking + Decision-making  — Step into various sports management roles to sharpen your skills of negotiation, branding, and long-term planning using case studies of conflict pertaining to real-world athletes and teams. 
  • Professional Know-How — Focus on personal skills such as networking and elevator pitches — along with the C-suite attributes that shape a leader — to leave with a better sense of what job you want (and how to get it). 
  • Industry Leaders — Meet with practicing experts in the field of sports management for an insider look at real-world strategies and work.
  • Consult for Professionals — Through a partnership with a local sports team, you and your peers will provide real-world solutions to sports management problems by conducting market research, considering stakeholders, and delivering a formal presentation.

Focus Details


  • Session 1: July 3 – July 15, 2022

Tuition: $5,875

Required Materials:

  • EXPLO Focus students are required to bring a laptop, computer, tablet, or Chromebook to the program. All devices must be able to access the Internet and utilize basic word processing and presentation-type programs (PowerPoint, Keynote, etc.) Rentals are available after enrollment in the program. Please contact the Admission Team for more information.

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