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Medical Rotations

Work side-by-side with medical professionals to explore medical specialties and have an opportunity to train in a state-of-the-art medical simulation center.

About this Career Concentration

Campus: Wellesley College | Rising Grades: 10,11,12 | Sessions:

Session 1 (Residential): June 30 - July 19
Session 1 (Commuter): July 1 - July 18

Session 2 (Residential): July 21 - August 9
Session 2 (Commuter): July 22 - August 8

| Tuition: Residential: $7,895 Commuter: $3,995

Under the guidance of medical experts, look through the lens of a third-year med school student and gain clinical skills, all while wrestling with case studies and simulated patient encounters. Rotate through specialties like internal medicine, oncology, pediatrics, emergency medicine, obstetrics, and surgery. Receive updates on patients during rounds and determine the best course of treatment by monitoring vital signs, reviewing patient charts, and navigating electronic health records. Enhance your decision-making capabilities and learn essential leadership and teamwork skills as your group responds to a simulated drop in your patient’s vitals, all while answering rapid-fire questions from doctors and the interprofessional team. Learn the importance of avoiding snap judgments, contending with uncertainty, communicating effectively and humanely, and working as an effective team to deliver quality care to your patients. In EXPLO Medical Rotations, get access to clinical training experiences that are usually reserved only for professionals and medical students, network with doctors in a variety of medical careers, practice in a state-of-the-art medical simulation lab, and begin to see the world differently while you gain the foundational skills that medical doctors must use each day.

Required Materials: Students must bring closed-toes shoes to the program for certain labs and trips.


STRATUS Sim Lab Training
Participate in case-based simulation training with high fidelity mannequins at a medical simulation center that regularly trains medical professionals with a high degree of realism. The STRATUS Sim lab is part of Boston Brigham + Women's Hospital, a teaching hospital for Harvard Medical School.

Patient Rounds + Hands-on Clinical Training
Create sample records using medical SOAP notes and plan the next steps in patient care. Practice measuring vital signs, reading pathology reports, and basic techniques such as suturing and surgical knot-tying.

Current Issues + Emerging Technology
Explore current questions in the field of medicine and complex issues facing doctors, researchers, and allied health professionals every day. Get up close with some of the newest technology used in patient care, such as the da Vinci Surgical System.

Medical School Admissions
Learn from pre-medical and medical school admissions professionals how to prepare to apply to medical programs—and even get the chance to participate in mock admission interviews.