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EXPLO JuniorDay Program

Session 1: June 26 – July 13
Session 2: July 17 – August 3

You don't need to leave home to have new experiences. We bring the world to EXPLO. Whether you've traveled across the country or just a few towns, you'll find a home away from home at EXPLO.

The Most Robust Day Program Around

For almost 50 years, families have taken advantage of the tremendous value and benefits of the EXPLO day program. Day students spend the day side by side with residential students who come from across the country and from around the world. 

Day Program Overview

EXPLO Junior offers a 3-week multi-course day program where students may sample different interests; choosing from over 80 options of courses, electives, activities, and main events. Students choose 3 courses and 3 electives prior to the summer and they are designed for students that want to try something new. Each day, students are able to choose from a rotating selection of activities including free swim, a wide array of athletics, cooking, the EXPLO art studio, reading, music session, and board games — just to name a few.

Courses + Electives Apply Now

Daily ScheduleThree weeks at EXPLO, a lifetime of memories

  • 7:30 AM — Day Student Early Arrival
  • 8:30 AM — Day Student Arrival
  • 9:15 AM — Morning Greeting
  • 9:20 AM — Electives
  • 10:45 AM — Activities
Students attend one elective period in the morning. Our electives are designed for students to take charge of their learning, fan the flames of their curiosity, and ignite a passion for a range of subjects as they explore their strengths and interests. Students take three courses and three electives over the course of the session. 
  • 11:45 AM — Lunch + Quad Time
  • 1:00 PM — Community Meeting
  • 1:45 PM — Courses
  • 4:05 PM — Quad Time
  • 4:15 PM — Day Student Dismissal

Hands-on courses immerse students in topics that interest them. From Hovercraft Physics and Medieval Battle Contraptions to Treehouse Architecture and Commercial Illustration — there is so much to explore! Community Meeting brings the whole EXPLO Junior program together to share a joke of the day, student performances, the EXPLO favorite Minute to Win It competition, and so much more.

  • 5:15 PM — Dinner
  • 6:20 PM — Late Day Dismissal (optional)
  • 6:30 PM — Evening Activities
  • 7:30 PM — Evening Event
  • 8:45 PM — Extended Day Dismissal

Before winding down for the day, our students can grab a spot for movie night, catch a magic show, laugh out loud at the stylings of an improv comedy troupe, or take to the stage themselves — the possibilities are endless. Events EXPLO has hosted in summers past include Carnival Night, EXPLO’s Got Talent, Pool Parties, Camp-Out Movie, Game Show Night, and more!


The program was perfect for my son who loves to learn and experience new things. It did group activities and got him thinking and built his confidence and leadership skills. EXPLO made learning fun.

EXPLO Junior Parent

Extended Day Program

With EXPLO’s extended day program, day students can be at EXPLO from morning until night each weekday. There is no need to cook dinner since students staying late will join residential students for their evening meal. For parents and caregivers, if something crops up at work or in life, EXPLO extended day is a simple and easy way to ensure your child is not only cared for and has a wonderful evening.

Every night at EXPLO we have robust programming – from activities to main events – and staying into the evening means students have the opportunity to try even more activities, watch and join in on performances, talent shows, games, and adventures. Perhaps most importantly, it provides even more time to cultivate friendships.

Program Logistics

Below, we address some common questions and concerns from our families. If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us by calling 781.762.7400 or emailing us at junior@explo.org.

Day students arrive by car to Regis College each morning and are picked up at either 4:30 PM for the standard dismissal time. Students that have signed up for extended day will be picked up at 8:45 PM. 

Bus transportation available from Needham, Newton, and Wellesley. For more information, please contact our Admission Office.

EXPLO can provide a carpool list to enrolled families upon request. 

Students can arrive at the program as early as 7:30am. There is a $50 a week charge for early arrival.

EXPLO’s extended day program is designed so that day students can arrive at 8:30 AM and stay until 8:45pm, Monday through Friday.  Extended day runs from 4:30 until 8:45 PM, includes dinner and costs $135 per week or $360 for the full three weeks.

Advisor groups serve as the central hub for community building. Every day student is part of a group with an advisor who ensures each day student is known and thriving at the program. 

Tuition Details

Day Program

Tuition Fee: $3,570 /session

Optional Additions:

  • Early Arrival: $50 /week
  • Extended Day: $135 /week | $360 /session



EXPLO is a fun way to find your path without being pushed in another direction. You aren’t forced to learn about things you aren’t interested in, like at school, but get to do what makes you happy and not be judged.

EXPLO Junior Student