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Grades 4–7 | WHEATON COLLEGE | NORTON, MA Grades 4–7: Academics

Our engaging, hands-on courses and electives immerse students in projects that spark their curiosity and maximize their imagination.

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Step Out of Your Comfort Zone —
Try Something New!

Start your summer of exploration with three courses and three electives

In school, students have little choice in what they’re learning — or how they’re learning. We encourage explorers to choose novel activities that pique their curiosity. In doing so, they discover new skills, talents, and interests that they don’t always get to explore in school or at home. We aim to build their confidence and a lifelong love of learning — by just trying. With more than 55 courses and electives to choose from each session, the question isn’t whether there will be enough to interest them — it’s how they’ll find a way to explore all of their interests in just one session.

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Pioneers + Voyagers

Why we split students into grade-level cohorts

From fine motor skills to cognitive development, our courses are designed to meet students where they are. These cohorts — referred to on campus as Pioneers (Grades 4+5) and Voyagers (Grades 6+7) — are used to organize our courses and living groups, while activities and electives provide a chance for all students in grades 4–7 to learn and laugh together.

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Pioneers: Grades 4+5

Students entering grades 4+5 are our Pioneers — they are intellectually curious and playful, but still concrete thinkers.

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Voyagers: Grades 6+7

Grades 6+7 are our Voyagers, a group of budding abstract thinkers starting to question and challenge assumptions.

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