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Build on your strengths or explore something new — what you discover about yourself is sure to amaze you.

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What are Courses and Electives?

Three weeks. Three courses. Three electives.
Endless opportunities to explore who you want to be.

At EXPLO, we consider a boring class an emergency. The antidote to boring is irresistible experiences that engage a student’s head, hand, and heart. Through hands-on projects designed for maximum enthusiasm and engagement, students are encouraged to reflect and question. And in sharing their ideas and opinions, they are actively making meaning together — and learning from one another.


Courses are introductory explorations into topics in a variety of subjects for students interested in pursuing strengths and interests across different subject areas. Students take three courses over the three-week session (one course each week). They’re an opportunity for students to explore different facets of their identity, strengthen skills and interests they already have, or discover an emerging talent. 

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Electives are more skills-based and are much more specific in focus. For example, a course may cover Game Design, but an elective exclusively covers Chess or Settlers of Catan. While they seem similar, courses cover the breadth of a topic while electives go into the strategy behind a specific game or activity.


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