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EXPLO Summer ProgramsTuition + Admission

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What's Included?

EXPLO is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) educational organization, and the full cost of tuition goes back into running the program each summer. Tuition at EXPLO is all-inclusive in nature: it includes all programming costs, course supplies, room and board, entertainment, and tuition insurance throughout a student’s stay on campus. Any additional fees that are based on individual student circumstances and student choice while at the program are outlined below.
With the safety of our students and staff being of the utmost importance, EXPLO is currently only offering residential summer programs in 2021. 

ENROLLMENT PROTECTIONNew in 2021: Program/Travel Protection Plans

To help families protect their investment, EXPLO is offering families a Program/Travel Protection Plan should they need to withdraw after our May 1, 2021 refund deadline. These plans apply to the period leading up to the start of the program and while your child is on campus during the summer. Should illness strike or a student need to be quarantined, insurance is available to cover these scenarios. 

Learn more about EXPLO Program/Travel Protection Plans.


Tuition + Admission2021 Summer Programs Tuition

Grades 4-7 3-Week Session
Grades 8-10 3-Week Session
Grades 10-12 2-Week Session
One Session
Two Sessions
Three Sessions
Program Details
Program Details
Program Details
Grades 4-7 3-Week Session
One Session $6,790
Two Sessions $12,900
Three Sessions N/A
Program Details
Grades 8-10 3-Week Session
One Session $6,995
Two Sessions $13,290
Three Sessions N/A
Program Details
Grades 10-12 2-Week Session
One Session $5,875
Two Sessions $11,150
Three Sessions $16,450
Program Details

There is an additional non-refundable $75 fee for all international student applicants to cover the cost of student interviews, language assessments, additional staffing, visa support letters, and other associated costs.

International Student Health Insurance: All students are expected to obtain health insurance coverage meeting EXPLO coverage requirements, and to provide health insurance documentation prior to departure for the United States. For individuals who need to purchase health insurance that provides coverage while in the U.S., EXPLO has identified affordable $0 deductible plans to make it easy on families should medical services need to be used. Purchase an International Student Health Insurance Plan.

If you are a U.S. resident and need assistance obtaining health insurance to attend EXPLO, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Tuition Details

In addition to the base tuition to attend our summer programs, the following charges apply:

Damage Deposit: Upon enrollment, EXPLO collects a standard damage deposit of $100 per student. The deposit is used to offset any charges incurred for damage to a student’s room, furnishings, or pro-rated shares of extraordinary damage to common facilities in the dormitories. Families may be charged if a student’s room is left in a state of disarray. Parents/guardians are responsible for any damage beyond the deposit. If there is no damage or balance due, the Damage Deposit will be refunded by late September 2021.

Miscellaneous Account: Miscellaneous Account funds are used to cover any elective trips chosen by the student, sundries, lost keys or ID cards, lost POM Contact Tracers, additional meals where applicable, and COVID testing as needed. This account can be supplemented by parents/guardians at any time. If a student has a low balance or overdraws this account, our Main Office will contact the parent/guardian listed on the account to arrange payment. All unused amounts, except those covered by a scholarship, will be returned by late September 2021.

2021 Miscellaneous Account fees per session:

  • Grades 4–7: $450 (per 3-week session)
  • Grades 8–10: $450 (per 3-week session)
  • Grades 10–12: $350 (per 2-week session)

COVID Surcharge Fee: Keeping students safe and healthy in the age of COVID requires diligent planning and adapting our operations in several areas. This supplemental fee covers additional staffing for enhanced cleaning, supervision, and medical support, as well as costs associated with the procurement of PPE, additional cleaning and sanitizing materials, additional equipment (hand sanitizing stations, thermometers, signage), an expanded health center, and a lower density in residence halls, classrooms, and other facilities. The surcharge fee is $150 per session.

At time of applying to EXPLO, a $750 deposit is required for each session the student attends. The deposit will be applied to tuition, and will be deducted from final payment (due by May 1, 2021). The deposit is refundable until May 1, 2021, after which it becomes non-refundable.

Credit cards are our preferred payment type for online deposits. A credit card deposit will expedite our ability to process your application. If you pay your deposit via check or bank wire, we will not be able to process your application until we have received payment.

Alumni Discount:

EXPLO offers a rolling returning discount for students who have previously attended an EXPLO campus-based summer program. 

  • $250 per 3-week residential session
  • $200 per 2-week residential session

Multi-Session Discount:

Multi-session discounts are available at all residential programs. Please see the residential tuition table above for multi-session tuition rates. For students attending multi-sessions of different program types, a 10% discount will be applied to the lower-priced session.

Sibling Discount:

If two or more students in a family are attending an EXPLO program(s), each student will receive a discount of:

  • $200 per 3-week residential session
  • $150 per 2-week residential session

While many of our families arrange for private transportation, we’re happy to meet any student upon arrival to ensure safe transportation to campus. The airport pick-up/drop-off charge is $75 one way, or $150 round trip. We provide this service for students arriving at Boston Logan airport (BOS) and New York JFK airport (JFK).

For students who arrive off-hours or who choose to use a different airport, EXPLO can help arrange transportation to campus through our trusted travel partner. (Additional fees may apply.)

Final payments must be received in full by May 1, 2021 for all students, regardless of their program session. Students applying after the final balance due date of May 1, 2021 must pay the entire bill immediately after acceptance. Students enrolling after June 1, 2021 must pay by certified check, wire, or credit card. Final balances are due on May 1, 2021.

In the event that space is not available at a program, families will be notified in writing that the student has been placed on a waitlist and EXPLO will hold the deposit. If space does not become available for the student or if the family wishes to be removed from the waitlist, EXPLO will return the deposit in full.

  • Final payments can be made via check, wire, or debit/credit card.
  • Checks must be drawn on U.S. Banks in U.S. funds. We will not accept checks drawn on a foreign bank.
  • Make checks payable to Exploration School. Include the name of the student and program they are attending on the check (e.g. Jane Smith, Grades 10–2).
  • Any returned checks will result in a charge of $35.
  • Please note: Final payments made via wire or debit/credit card may incur a small processing fee from the third party administrator used to process these forms of payment.

Deposit + Tuition

Families can get 100% of their deposit or prepaid tuition refunded for any reason until May 1, 2021. Please submit a request in writing to registrar@explo.org.

While no one expects their child to depart early from a program session, unexpected things may happen. Each year, students leave programs for a variety of unforeseen reasons including illness, homesickness, family emergencies, etc. Your financial obligation to EXPLO is for the full tuition as stated in the program registration material. The program has fixed expenses whether a student completes the program or not and, therefore, EXPLO will not refund the tuition or fees if your child departs early.

Every student enrolled in an EXPLO program with a session length longer than one week is automatically covered by tuition refund insurance administered by A.W.G. Dewar, Inc., and underwritten by the member companies of Atlantic Specialty Insurance Company. This plan does not provide coverage for any event or circumstances prior to the first day of the student’s session. Through the EXPLO Tuition Refund Plan, partial financial relief may be available if your child withdraws early from the program session. Timely claim applications must be completed and submitted. Should A.W.G. Dewar make a claim payment, it will be paid to EXPLO for credit to your account. Terms and conditions apply.

All students are expected to obtain health insurance coverage meeting EXPLO coverage requirements, and to provide health insurance documentation prior to departure for the United States. For individuals who need to purchase health insurance that provides coverage while in the U.S., EXPLO has identified affordable $0 deductible plans to make it easy on families should medical services need to be used.


Admission DetailsThe Application Process

Our programs are designed to be enriching and engaging for every student. Getting to know them is important to us.

The EXPLO admission process comprises two stages: Application + Course Selection and Registration. The steps of the complete process are outlined below. We encourage you to review our Admissions Considerations guide and contact our Admission Office if you have any questions about EXPLO or our application process — it’s what we’re here for!

Applying to EXPLO

Complete the Online Application

At EXPLO, we help students drive their own learning by making deliberate choices about what they want to learn more about. Through our online application, students select their desired program and courses. The process takes less than 10 minutes to complete. Once finished, you’ll be asked to submit a tuition deposit to reserve your space in the program.

Teacher Recommendation

While our team works to place you in the program and courses you selected, we want to understand what our incoming students will bring to the EXPLO Community.

The purpose of the teacher recommendation is to get to know the student applicant from someone who knows them well. In doing so, we’re able to create a better experience for them during the summer. A teacher recommendation is required if:

  • The student is new to EXPLO
  • The student is applying for a scholarship
  • The student is applying to one of our EXPLO Pre-College + Career Concentrations

Please note that enrollment will not be complete until we have a teacher recommendation on file.

Parent + Student Agreements

EXPLO prides itself on creating an atmosphere that nurtures the diverse interests, needs, and backgrounds of our students. Students attending EXPLO have a unique opportunity to investigate a variety of new skills, talents, and interests within an environment structured for personal choice and growth. As with many personal freedoms, the liberty granted to students at EXPLO carries with it limits and responsibilities. We expect students to uphold our community standards and to refrain from any behavior that jeopardizes the well-being of themselves and others at the program.

EXPLO not only forms a relationship with the student who attends the program, but also with their parents/guardians. For the program to work in a positive and safe way for our students, parents/guardians must be able to support our policies and procedures.

We cannot enroll any student in the program until we have a signed parent agreement and student agreement.

Personal Essay

(Pre-College + Career Program Only)

Our Pre-College + Career Program concentrations offer students the opportunity to take a deep dive into an area of study that ignites their intellectual curiosity. Upon application to the Pre-College + Career program, we’ll send an essay prompt specific to the chosen concentration.

English Language Interview

(International Students Only)

English is the working language of EXPLO. To ensure that students will be able to participate in all aspects of the program — from academics to residential life to extracurricular activities — international students who do not attend a school with an English language-based curriculum may need to interview with EXPLO so that we may assess their English speaking abilities. We will reach out if an interview is required.

Advanced-level English is required for our students in Grades 8-10 and Grades 10-12. Intermediate-level English is required for students in Grades 4-7.

Financial Aid

We understand a summer program with us is a big investment, and want to do everything we can to help you give your child the EXPLO experience. EXPLO is committed to providing grants and scholarships to as many qualified students as possible. For more information, visit our financial aid page.