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Creating a Hit Song

Dig deep to understand the relationship between your brain and music, and explore what it takes to create the next big hit.

About this Workshop

Campus: Regis College | Rising Grades: 6,7

Listen up! You’ve been hired by the EXPLO Recording Association of Musicians to create the next “big” song. Working with a team of your fellow producers, dissect what it is that makes a song stick in our brains. Consider the elements of rhythm, genre, melody, and songwriting. Then, work to create the next big hit. Music is a powerfully human tool. It shapes social movements, represents our wide-ranging emotions, and becomes associated with our deepest memories. How will your song change the world?


Analyze the elements of music and how our brain responds to them.

Use  your experience of listening to music you enjoy to inspire your own creations. 

Explore how beats, loops, rhythm, melody, and vocals work together to create ear-pleasing sounds.

Work collaboratively to write and produce an original song using audio editing tools.