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Improvisational Theater

Enjoy continuous laughs while learning to think on your feet and perform in situations using nothing but your quick wits.

About this Workshop

Campus: Regis College | Rising Grades: 6,7

Who needs a script when you can make up what you want to do or say as you go along? This class is not only a blast of continuous laughs, it teaches you to think on your feet as you perform for a live audience. To help you make up things in a moment's notice, loosen up with mood skits, body language games, and more. Act in talk shows, interviews, and skits, getting the experience needed to create an entire show to perform while making everything up as you go. By the time you hit the stage to perform, you won't have to worry about forgetting any of your lines—because you won't have any to start with!


Get outside your comfort zone and build self-confidence through daily long- and short-form improv challenges.

Learn how to read the subtle cues and body language of your peers as you create improvisational scenes.

Practice the art of spontaneity and supported response as you collaborate on stage with your peers.

Perform a set of improv scenes for the entire EXPLO community at Off-Broadway Night.