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Space Exploration: Preparing for Liftoff

Join our team of scientists, mathematicians, and engineers as we plan for our next mission to space!

About this Workshop

Campus: Regis College | Rising Grades: 6,7

Welcome to the EXPLOration Crew! Over the next few weeks we will work as scientists, mathematicians, and engineers to plan for the next trip to space. We’ll start with learning about the James Webb Space Telescope and its contributions to our understanding of the world around us. Before we set out for space we’ll have to understand how the human body is impacted, and ensure our spacecraft is designed to help sustain human life. Then we’ll explore the different parts of a rocket as we learn about the physics involved in getting out of Earth’s atmosphere and landing on a different planet.


Build a model of NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope, exploring how its folding technology was inspired by origami. 

Experiment with and taste-test astronaut food. 

Design and launch rockets, measuring their height, distance, and accuracy.

Create and test model parachutes as you practice landing your space craft.