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A home away from home

The first time sleeping away from home and family can be a hugely significant—and positive—experience. That’s why we put so much effort into getting it right! For almost 50 years, EXPLO has created magical overnight summer programs that allow for adventure, freedom to choose, and rich, imaginative play. 


Everybody was so welcoming to me and helped support me for my first time away from home.

Olivia B.
EXPLO Junior student

I really felt welcome when I came here. I've never been to a sleepaway camp before, but within the first couple of days I felt like I knew everybody in my hall really well.

Aric F.
EXPLO Junior student

Social + emotional learning in a beautiful setting

What is sleepaway camp but an opportunity for kids to try new things that they couldn’t at home? At EXPLO, we see tremendous gains in confidence, resilience, and independence in mere weeks. And we do it in an incredible setting: 90 acres nestled against Weston’s Highland Forest, among playing fields, tennis courts, a pool, air-conditioned gym, studios, and maker spaces. 

You're not alone

Most sleepaway students  come to EXPLO not knowing anyone—that changes fast. Kids are paired with roommates and are part of a living group with two advisors who live on the floor. They eat meals, do activities, and make friends together with their group. Often, by the end of the summer, kids feel so comfortable that they don’t want to go home!

We're there for parents, too

“Kidsickness” is real. Sending your child off to an overnight program for three weeks can be tough! Know that we’re there for you both. We will post photos of what's going on at the programs everyday and schedule phone calls home after the first week. You can send letters via snail mail or through our website, which we’ll print and deliver. 

And you can always give us a call. We view the EXPLO experience as a partnership, and the best partnerships have the best communication.