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Follow your passion to explore health careers  

Work with real equipment + professionals in this summer enrichment medical specialties program

Dig deep into the world of medical practice with this two-week STEM camp Focus Program. You’ll learn to read X-ray images, review lab tests, and practice skills like intubation, suturing, and differential diagnosis in cutting-edge simulation labs. The Medical Specialties Focus Program is available with Overnight and Ultimate Day options.

Where the bright shine

Veterinary Science Video Shape
  • Session 1 - FULL
    Overnight: June 30 – July 13
    Ultimate Day: July 1 – July 12
  • Session 2
    Overnight: July 21-August 3
    Ultimate Day: July 22 - August 2
  • Location:
    Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, NY
  • Staff to Student Ratio 1:5
  • Tuition: 
    Overnight: $5,950
    Ultimate Day: $2,750

    Tuition + Financial Aid

Open up the world of medicine

What you'll do


Medical Simulation Labs

Hone your medical skills and receive real-time feedback from medical professionals while placing IVs, suturing a wound, or responding to a patient in cardiac arrest.  Visit a state-of-the-art medical simulation lab where you'll put some of these skills to the test!

Anatomy + Dissection

Explore major body systems through a fetal pig dissection. Discover how the organs and skeletal structure relate to the human body, uncovering a world of medical terminology.


Diagnostic Tests

Review and interpret diagnostic tests, from MRI images to hemoglobin counts in blood. Identify healthy and unhealthy tissue under the microscope and use the results of these tests to suggest a diagnosis.


Case Studies 

Assess a variety of patient case studies, order imaging and lab tests, and review symptoms and test results to make a final diagnosis for your patient. Analyze the most common symptoms—including those that still stump doctors—to deepen your medical understanding and diagnostic abilities.

Program description

Work with medical professionals from top hospitals, practices, and simulation labs in this STEM camp. Ask questions, get advice, and make connections that can help you visualize future career paths in medicine. You’ll step into the life of a medical doctor or nurse and put your interest into action. Each day will be a variety of case studies, hands-on practice, and discussion, so you’ll never get bored.

Students attending Medical Specialties are required to bring a laptop to campus.


Explore health careers with real doctors and technicians

Take a look at some of the program faculty and speakers over the years to get a sense of who you’ll be learning with. You get the real deal here at EXPLO.

Dr. David Larson

25-year veteran of the U.S. Navy as a physician

Dr. Jessica Zwerling

Assoc. Professor of Neurology; Asst. Professor of Psychiatry; Asst. Professor of Pediatrics, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Andrea Sullivan

Out-Patient Occupational Therapy Director for Out-Patient Services, Burke Rehabilitation Hospital

Dr. Claudene George

Board certified, Internal Medicine, Geriatrics + Hospice/Palliative Care; 

Past Director, Montefiore Geriatrics Fellowship Program +  Geriatrics Clerkship

Dr. Lauren Gluck

Director, Montefiore MS Center + Asst. Professor of Neurology

Dr. Erica Weiss

Assoc. Director, Neuropsychology + Asst. Professor of Neurology, Albert Einstein College

Everything you need for a summer to remember

Sleepaway Camp Details
  • Gym, pool, playing fields
  • Plenty of outdoor space to explore
  • Weekend off-campus trips
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the dining hall
  • 24/7 health center
  • 5:1 student-to-staff ratio
  • Student support from live-in deans, residence directors, and student advisors

Come for the medical program, stay for student life

At EXPLO, you’ll challenge yourself to make new discoveries—and have summer fun! From outdoor movies, trivia nights, and home run derbies to weekend trips to the beach, world-class Manhattan museums, and journeys up the Hudson River, you’ll make unforgettable memories and form lasting bonds with peers around the country and world.

Get to know your summer home.