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Joining the summer faculty at EXPLO means joining a community of explorers shaping the future.

Available Positions Application Process

WORKING AT EXPLO Look at the world through big ideas

Imagine a program where the traditional concept of learning is turned on its head — where experiments take the place of lectures, and where failure is just another word for trying. EXPLO is a place where you’ll spend your days surrounded by people who will inspire and challenge your worldview. Our programs will most definitely expand your notion of what learning is — and how much fun it’s supposed to be.

We know you’ll transform the lives of our students. We hope the experience will transform yours, too.

EXPLO's Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion + Justice

2022 Employment Dates


June 20, 2022 – August 7, 2022

Application Deadline: Rolling


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WHAT TO EXPECT What can you expect from a summer position at EXPLO?

More than you might think. Here are some things you can anticipate:


Unlike some summer jobs and internships (that aren’t much more than photocopying and errand-running), you’ll have real responsibilities at EXPLO. Your students and your peers alike will rely on you, and we’re confident you’ll have their backs.  We also provide a fantastic environment for professional growth for all of our staff. Our administration will meet with you regularly during the summer to give you feedback, help you assess your performance, set goals, and improve your organizational and interpersonal skills.

With salaries ranging from $3,800 to more than $5,000 for seven weeks of service, our summer positions are generously compensated. Additionally, all meals and living arrangements are paid for.

Working at EXPLO is a blast. The EXPLO faculty is a group that will inspire you to do more and better work than you ever thought imaginable. Your hundred or so colleagues will also become some of your closest friends — not only for the seven weeks of the program, but afterward as well. It’s not an easy job, but it will likely become your favorite job. And, of course, it helps that our students are hysterical and bright, enthralled with the joy of learning.

At EXPLO, each day is jam-packed with activity – for students and staff. Three parts make up most weekdays at each of our three EXPLO programs: academics, activities, and evening events. Students attend faculty-led courses and electives from a full spectrum of academic disciplines that dish out moments of discovery day in and day out. 

In the afternoon and early evening, faculty-led activities range from artistic (finger painting), to athletic (ultimate Frisbee), to out-of-the-ordinary (sushi making), to just plain silly (lumberjack competitions).

Evening events can be performances by professional entertainers, staff-organized themed events, or trips to off-campus venues.

Weekend schedules at EXPLO are a little bit different. On the weekends, our faculty chaperone students on day-long trips to museums, beaches, amusement parks, theater performances, and more. When trips return in the late afternoon, our faculty lead evening activities and help coordinate special weekend events.


As you consider working for EXPLO this summer, please review the following professional guidelines:


The health and safety of all our students and faculty is our highest priority. No matter what position you occupy, it will be your responsibility to help make EXPLO an environment in which students can learn and grow in a way appropriate for their age. Classes, activities, residential floors, and trips all need to make students feel physically, emotionally, and intellectually safe, even when being challenged. Enforcement of program guidelines concerning student conduct is essential to this objective.

The use of drugs or alcohol at EXPLO is strictly prohibited. Because each faculty member is responsible for the safety and wellbeing of our students, we feel it’s necessary to mandate a high standard for faculty concerning the use of drugs and alcohol. At no time should any faculty member on- or off-duty be under the influence of illegal or other non-medicinal drugs, or possess them on-campus. At no time should any faculty member be under the influence of alcohol on-duty or return to the dorm complex while under the influence after being off-duty. Consumption of alcohol by off-duty faculty over the age of 21 is restricted to off-campus locations only.

Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated at EXPLO. We take issues of sexual, racial, ethnic, religious, and physical harassment very seriously. EXPLO strictly prohibits its managers, supervisors, and employees from harassing any member of its faculty or student body.

We take the commitment you’re making when you apply for a position seriously. Once you’ve accepted a position, EXPLO will incur obligations and make commitments to participants based on your being available at the program. Any sudden cancellation of your involvement could severely damage the program’s quality and cause irreparable economic loss to EXPLO. Please only apply for a position if you are prepared to make an irrevocable commitment to work for EXPLO for the entire duration of the summer program. If you plan to look for full-time employment after the summer is over, it is possible that a potential employer may wish you to start during the summer. If this would prevent you from fulfilling the entirety of your responsibilities to EXPLO, you should not consider applying for a position at EXPLO at this time.

Former Faculty Profiles

Our administrators, staff, and faculty members have gone on to become doctors, professors, filmmakers, lawyers, artists, business people, writers, editors, and educators — and many attribute skills and experiences they acquired at EXPLO as contributing to their success.


James Forman, Jr.

Yale Law Professor, Pulitzer Prize-Winning Author

James Forman, Jr. started his teaching career as an EXPLO Instructor. He’s now the Skelly Wright Professor of Law at Yale Law School, where he teaches Constitutional Law and legal seminars on race and criminal procedure. He is the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Locking Up Our Own: Crime and Punishment in Black America.

Forman is a legal scholar in the areas of criminal procedure and criminal law policy, juvenile justice, and education law and policy. At Yale Law School, his criminal justice students study alongside men incarcerated in a Connecticut prison.

Julie Rusczek

Attorney, Health Sciences Law Group

“I would not be a successful attorney if not for my experiences working at EXPLO for six summers,” says Julie Rusczek, a lawyer with Drinker, Biddle & Reath, a firm in Milwaukee, Wisc. “EXPLO is where I learned to be an adult and a professional.” Rusczek started at EXPLO in 1996, after her freshman year at Williams College. An English and biology double major, she worked at EXPLO every summer while she was in college, as well as in the summer after her first year of law school at the University of Michigan.

“I have never worked in another environment like EXPLO,” she says. “It was the experience of a lifetime. There aren’t many organizations out there like this, where you’re surrounded by such talented, motivated, friendly, hard-working, fabulous people, all working together to achieve great things.”

Jon Chang

Marketer and Educator

Jon Chang first learned about EXPLO when his sister attended decades ago. Years later, he would be a part of our summer program faculty for four consecutive summers. Currently Adjunct Faculty of Social Media and Web Analytics at New York University, Jon Chang is an alumnus of Klarna, IBM Watson, and Kickstarter. Jon is now one of our Trustees who continues to provide curriculum support and marketing strategy to EXPLO.

Jon was named to the Forbes Under 30 Marketing & Advertising list for work accomplished as a digital marketing, growth marketing, growth hacking, and product marketing expert. He's also a recognized global educator and keynote speaker, having spoken at 30+ events around the world.

Millicent Odunze, M.D., M.P.H.

Cosmetic + Reconstructive Surgeon at Flying Horse Medical Center

Student body president in high school. Degrees from Harvard, Duke, and Chapel Hill. Missionary trips to Ethiopia. And today, she's a plastic surgeon in Colorado. And yet amongst all of these experiences, Odonze says that nothing else was quite like working at EXPLO for four summers. "I have never in my life been surrounded by such dynamic, open-minded people with an idea to change the world," she says.

From the age of seven, Odunze says she has known that she wanted to be a doctor, but being a faculty member at EXPLO forever altered her sense of the ideal place to work and the kind of people she wanted to work with. "Since EXPLO, I've always wanted to work in environments that will not only challenge me, but that are filled with people who are inspiring, who are motivated, and who will change the world," she says. "I would not trade my experience of those four summers for anything."

Wenmei Hill

Engagement Manager at Ultranauts Inc; Photographer and Co-founder of Mamas with Cameras

Not everyone comes to EXPLO knowing where they will end up afterward. Wenmei Hill started at EXPLO a month after graduating from MIT’s School of Architecture, and for two of the next three summers, she returned to EXPLO while pursuing a master’s degree at the University of Washington. All the while, her long-term career plans were in flux. Today, Hill is a Business IT consultant based in Seattle, WA, where she has worked with clients such as Accenture and Starbucks.

“Working at EXPLO helped me learn how to inspire and motivate people,” Hill says. “I learned how to manage, how to earn respect, and how to communicate, all of which has served me well in my professional career. The environment was so supportive and creative — for both staff and students — that it helped me to see how great people can be when given the opportunity to explore and shine.”

Avi Schwab

Drupal Engineer at YMCA of the USA; Founding Co-organizer of MidCamp

EXPLO is great practice for working hard. It’s also a great place to practice loving the work you do. “If you want to work hard and love what you do, this is the place to be,” says Avi Schwab, a Drupal engineer for YMCA of the USA and co-founder of MidCamp. While at EXPLO from 2001 to 2003, Schwab served as the webmaster/photojournalist for the EXPLO summer website (now our blog).

“First off, I learned a huge amount about photography, composition, and web development, almost all of which I still use in regular practice today,” Schwab says. “On top of that, I think the most important experience I gained was that of having to manage so many different tasks at once. The six non-stop weeks forces you to find a good groove quickly and roll with it — a skill that translates perfectly to careers outside.”