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Sports + Society

From football to Fortnite, and lacrosse to League of Legends, explore the role of sports in modern society.

About this Workshop

Campus: Sarah Lawrence College | Rising Grades: 8,9

Why do some professional athletes earn eight- or nine-figure salaries? How is it that sports have come to define the cultural life of cities across the globe, and why do some sports just fail to take off in certain countries? Why are we so fixated on statistics? Are e-sports really sports? From the original Greek Olympics, to days-long lacrosse games among Native American tribes, to modern soccer clubs in Europe and Africa, sports have always been a window into different cultural groups throughout history. Explore how competitive sports have evolved over the years, and the dynamic role they play in our society. Try your hand at sports commentating, advertising, and analysis, and devise marketing and public engagement campaigns to help teams and leagues gain relevance, and stay relevant, in this ever-evolving area of society.


Marketing + Fan Engagement
Through a partnership with a local sports team, you and your peers will consider how teams engage their fans and develop a marketing approach, as they seek to stay relevant in a constantly evolving landscape.

Sports Management
Step into various sports management roles to sharpen your skills of negotiation, branding, and long-term planning.

Journalism + Media
Design a sports broadcast and develop a strategy to harness the power of new media to promote both established sports leagues and newly emerging e-sports leagues.

Sports + Technology
Explore how changes in technology—from instant replay review to the professionalization of e-sports—have impacted how we view the world of sports and the people who inhabit it.