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Immersive summer programs for high school students

EXPLO’s Pre-College Program is the real deal—explore topics you’re curious or passionate about by actually completing real projects. In this summer program for high school students, you’ll collaborate with friends who share your curiosity and be guided by instructors who are entrepreneurs, artists, engineers, and activists—and are eager to share their expertise.

Where the bright Experience

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Explo 360°

EXPLO 360°

Find your spark.

EXPLO’s creative workshops help you explore opportunities that you weren’t even aware of. From Forensic Biology and Law + Social Movements to 3D Animation for Game Design and the Art + Science of Cooking, you’ll have unedited and challenging experiences that feed lifelong passions—or spark new ones.


Career Concentrations

Put your passion into action.

Get ready for professional immersion. You'll collaborate with experts in fields you care about; tackle current industry challenges while building your resume; gain experience to highlight in college essays; connect with professionals who can write recommendations; and potentially earn college credit.

Experience life-changing results

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Part of the reason I am pursuing science and medicine is because of the experiences I had at EXPLO. For example I remember visiting the STRATUS center where they do simulated medical procedures and that stuck with me to want to go to medical school.
Leah H.
EXPLO Pre-College student

Get college-ready

College counseling at EXPLO

You bring motivation and passion. EXPLO can help you find focus and direction to be successful no matter where you go to college, or what you study. Plus, you'll learn how to showcase all your EXPLO experience in college applications and essays. This summer program for high school students can help you shape your future.

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The college writing workshop was ASTOUNDING. The speaker was eloquent and helpful, and her tips were invaluable and provided insight from one who has 'insider info' about the admissions process.

Abigail S.
EXPLO Pre-College student

Have summer fun

Experience an unforgettable summer both on and off the Wellesley College campus, right outside Boston, of one of America's top college towns. Join a club, play sports, take in a movie or show, or just relax by beautiful Lake Waban. Or take a quick train into Boston for a foodie tour, cruise, or ball game—all with curious and inclusive new friends.

International Students

EXPLO for international students

If you're coming to EXPLO from outside the U.S., you're in good company: almost 40% of EXPLO Pre-College students are international. Join them here to meet new friends from all over, and to learn and do what you're passionate about. Along the way, you'll experience a taste of American college and professional life in a fun, safe, and supportive environment.

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Admissions made easy at EXPLO

The EXPLO Admission Office is staffed by friendly experts dedicated to making your application process smooth. At this summer program for high school students we don't just give you a form to fill out—we guide you through the process step by step, answering any questions you may have, no matter how big or small.