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Across the arts, industry, STEM, and more, our summer educators open up worlds of discovery in fun, creative ways. They’re as excited and interested in the world as you are, and ready to share the secrets of robotics, art, acting, history, coding, cooking, building, and so much more. 


Maddy Crawford

Classically trained ballet dancer + Double major in Mathematics + Psychological + Brain Sciences


Marissa Joseph

Corporate Communications Specialist at Adobe + former editor at the Harvard Crimson


Sinclaire Ledahl

Fulbright scholar in Austria + Psychology + Education major

Never stop exploring 

EXPLO alumni stay curious

Curiosity is a way of life for EXPLO alumni, who take the skills and inspiration they gain here and put them to work in their careers and lives. Where will your inspiration lead you? Start at EXPLO and find out.


Craig Bonnoit

Earned Ph.D. in Physics from MIT + co-founded Y-Combinator-backed startup


Dara Blume Clewley

Earned BA in Economics from Harvard + MBA from Columbia, now Executive Director at JP Morgan Chase


Daryn Carp

Television host, Bravo, NBC


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We are EXPLO. We are thinkers, creators, storytellers, musicians, scientists, artists, and more. This diverse blend of talent makes for unforgettable summer learning, adventure, challenge and inspiration. Our students are the stars of EXPLO and our industry collaborators help us create experiences that let them shine.

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