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Where the magic happens

We’re known for our incredible summers—but what happens during the other ten months of the year? Short answer: magic. Our 30,000-square-foot headquarters is part research lab, part imagination station. Here, our experienced educators work full-time to conceive, test, and revise the hands-on activities you’ll dive into during your EXPLO summer. 


The ultimate fab lab

It’s also home to our maker spaces, labs, studios, woodshop, and more. This is where our designers and builders fabricate anything you’ll need to bring the ideas you have during  summer workshops, electives, or concentrations to life.


Need a wind tunnel to test aerodynamics in a rocket-building workshop? We can make it.


A giant marble run to demonstrate the design thinking process in our creativity challenges workshop? Will do.



A recreation of the International Space Station’s Canadarm 2 for a space exploration workshop? That’s ridiculous! 


Actually, just kidding—it’s no problem.



Why do we do it?


This level of collaborative dreaming, designing, and building keeps us busy year-round. It’s what makes us more than just another summer camp. We have the time, resources, and expertise to create truly inspiring, immersive learning experiences. The result is an unforgettable summer that will change the way you think––and maybe even the course of your life.