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My roommate and I still keep in touch! It’s been about 4 years since our time at EXPLO. I made such great memories there, couldn’t have asked for a better summer!

Emily S
EXPLO student

See how EXPLO students shine

At EXPLO we’re endlessly curious and clever. Our summer enrichment programs bring together
like-minded kids, teens, and high schoolers like you to discover your interests—and more about who
you are and can be. Make this a summer you’ll never forget.

Have the best experiences

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Chloe F. 

EXPLO Junior student

Top EXPLO Experience

“My favorite part about EXPLO was the courses + electives,  because they’re very different from my school."

Devin S

EXPLO Intermediate student

Top EXPLO Experience

“My favorite trip was the NYC Food Tour because I got to try so many new foods!"

Explo NYC Cruise-20 (2)
Aidan Q.

EXPLO Pre-College student

Top EXPLO Experience

“EXPLO exposed me to my passion in the biomedical engineering field. I am doing a five-year accelerated ms program… which was directly due to my experience at EXPLO! The teachers were inspiring and helped us to remove any roadblocks."

Try new things

Izzy + Dhanya Get at the “Heart” of Their Interests

Izzy: “EXPLO is so special because it lets you explore into all the subjects that you have an interest in. You can figure out if you actually do like it or if you truly want to try something else instead. They’re all really open here and you get to try almost everything, so it really helps you focus down on what you like and what you don’t like.”

Dhanya: “I chose the Medical Specialties program because it interested me the most, but I also saw that there were cooking classes, business classes, and other things I might be interested in next! They give you the option to explore different ideas and different careers so you can form your own opinions from what you learn. And I love how it’s not really “classroom learning” where they give you a bunch of information, like telling you to just memorize the body systems. I’ve done that before and didn’t like it. But now, after EXPLO, I want to revisit all of that. It’s so hands-on.”

Make new friends

This group of EXPLO  Intermediate friends loves to sing the Backstreet Boys, and even put together a  performance for Explosè!
These EXPLO Pre-College friends connected over their shared goal of attending MIT! Here they are, picking out some merch while on the MIT campus tour.
These new friends bonded over new experiences in America, like playing tennis and seeing fireflies light up the night sky.
These two EXPLO Junior friends met in their  Performing Arts class and were the first to the face-painting station at  Carnival Night.

Have an international experience

  • A diverse, collaborative community where you can be yourself—no matter where you’re from   
  • 30% of residential students are international
  • Our community has welcomed people from 101+ countries speaking 51+ languages 


They taught me how to exit my comfort zone and not be afraid to try new things. EXPLO made me more friendly, social,  empathetic, and open-minded.

Isabela S.,
EXPLO student, Brazil

Visit + engage with EXPLO

Come see what EXPLO is all about. Tours are available on our three campuses during the summer months. We also offer virtual information sessions throughout the year to allow you to learn more about all EXPLO has to offer. Or meet up with us at an upcoming event!


Stay healthy + have fun

Not only do we have one of the most  customizable daily schedules out there, we offer industry-leading student care. The physical and emotional health of our EXPLO community is our top priority. Our trained staff provide an age-appropriate level of supervision and guidance, with the best staff-to-student ratio of any campus-based summer program.