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Seek out the future you with summer courses

Workshops are collaborative, hands-on project based learning experiences that explore topics in a variety of subjects, letting you pursue different interests.  Electives are more focused and skills-based. (For example, a workshop may cover game design; an elective exclusively covers chess or Settlers of Catan.) 

Mix and match to create your dream schedule!

Pick from dozens of options like Exploring Entrepreneurship, Acting for the Stage, Aeronautical Engineering, and Competitive Debate. EXPLO 360° workshops and electives are more than just summer courses—they let you make new discoveries about yourself and the world around you. 

Watch this walkthrough from Ariel French, Director of Admission, outlining the process.

Stick to a favorite category, or branch out and try a little bit of everything! Pick two workshops and three electives from ANY of the categories below. 

Athletics, Hobbies + Recreation

Let’s do this 

Have you built your ideal program of summer courses? While we can’t make summer come any faster, we can enroll you today if you’re ready. Our Admission Office staff is always available to provide more information.