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Robotics: Mars Exploration

Enter our simulated NASA robotics lab, where your mission is to explore the uncharted surfaces of the Red Planet.

About this Workshop

Campus: Sarah Lawrence College | Rising Grades: 8,9

You have been hired to build an exploratory robot outfitted with tools to explore Mars. At the command center, your team will design and program your robot, adapting it to conquer novel challenges. Figure out the most efficient way of collecting soil samples and searching for water, competing against rival engineering teams in the race to establish proof of life. Simulate a number of missions to Mars before launching your robot from Earth for a final test of your rover’s capabilities. You’ll rebuild and reprogram through each iteration to surpass the competition, and claim a victory for interplanetary science.  Note that this workshop uses block-based programming. Coding experience is not required.

Required Materials: - No programming or robotics knowledge required


Sensors + Soil Samples: Navigating Mars
Create a robot that can navigate the rocky Mars terrain, with the ability to collect soil samples along the way.

Block Coding
Code in the LEGO programming system, a visual environment built to easily transfer your ideas into commands your robot can follow.

The Design Cycle
Test your code and your strategies early and often, learning to adjust plans and develop solutions when faced with unknown variables and unexpected challenges.

Problem Solving
Collaborate with other students to adapt your robot for a successful mission, applying creative solutions as the clock runs down.