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Gain valuable experience in these research programs for high schoolers 

At EXPLO, we believe in empowering high school students to conduct meaningful research allowing them to demonstrate their interest in and ability to apply themselves to important problems. 


The intellectual foundation of universities is research. Beginning your research journey now can help open the doors to interesting and challenging opportunities in the future. 

Our Pre-College Concentrations offer immersive summer research programs for high schoolers with academic and industry practitioners who provide direct guidance and mentoring. Through hands-on research projects, students develop foundational research skills culminating in written and oral conference-style presentations. Students have the opportunity to earn college credit and receive a certification in research skills.

Research Thrives at EXPLO

From conducting experiments in state-of-the-art laboratories to critically analyzing scholarly literature, EXPLO Concentrations equip students with the tools and experience needed to thrive in high school, college, and future careers. 


Artificial Intelligence + Machine Learning

Students engage deeply with AI technologies through coding, analysis of existing software, and explorations of their profound impact across various industries, including biotechnology, medicine, and climate change. Students build on existing research and techniques to find novel solutions to AI and machine learning challenges.



Research in this concentration combines fundamental engineering techniques with innovative design solutions. Students extend existing knowledge and apply the iterative engineering prototype process to solve a problem.




To create their own business, students analyze a real business problem by consulting stakeholders, researching possible solutions, and then presenting recommendations.


Medical Rotations

Students culminate this concentration with an in-depth case study analysis, presenting their findings to a panel of medical experts, integrating theoretical knowledge with practical investigation into complex medical scenarios. This project emphasizes critical thinking, application of medical principles, and effective communication, preparing students for the challenges of medical practice and research.


Psychology + Neuroscience

Students combine laboratory experiences (including a neurochemistry lab) with the application of existing research and data analysis. Using the scientific method, they make a prediction, test their hypothesis, and present their findings.


Surgical Interventions

Along with consistent lab work throughout the summer replicating important research and findings, students finish the course by conducting their own project, building and testing a prototype for a new medical device.

adam lavallee close headshot-1

At EXPLO, research means getting your hands dirty and thinking big–turning curiosity into authentic discovery. Whether we're coding new software, designing the next big thing, or dissecting complex medical cases, we're all about making discoveries that matter. Our students are bridging theory and practice to transform ideas into real-world solutions.

Adam Lavallee, PhD
Pre-College Dean of Studies

Prepare for success beyond summer

Immersive Research Projects

Dive deep into your Concentration as you conduct lab work, explore previous studies, analyze data, and produce surveys under the guidance of experienced instructors.

Showcase Your Findings

Your research will culminate in a final presentation, where you’ll share your findings and insights with peers, instructors, industry experts, and special guests.

Instructor Feedback and Certification

Receive personalized feedback from lead instructors and have your research findings evaluated to receive a certification in research skills. 

Site Visits

Gain firsthand insights into various research environments and industries throughout the Greater Boston area

Earn College Credit

EXPLO Concentrations offer the opportunity to earn two or three college credits, providing tangible recognition of your accomplishments. These credits are available through partnerships with Sarah Lawrence College and Hampshire College. Earning college credit in high school is a great way to enhance your college application and gain experience with college-level coursework. You can often transfer these credits to other schools of your choice, subject to their transfer credit rules.


Get In Touch

If you have any questions  about our summer research programs for high schoolers, don't hesitate to reach out. We are here to help.