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Put your passion into action while exploring careers

Concentrations put you in the driver’s seat to a future you can be excited about. Select one area of focus you want to make a real impact in and get ready for full professional immersion. You’ll get a look behind the scenes to see how professions work right now, and where they might be headed in the future, when you’re exploring careers. 

College- and career-ready 

  • Collaborate with industry experts and top faculty from diverse institutions.
  • Tackle current industry challenges and build a portfolio of work.
  • Gain real experience you can highlight in college essays and interviews.
  • Start building your future professional and social networks.
  • Qualify to earn college credit. 

It was hands-on, no book stuff, just doing all the time. The staff trusted us with all the equipment, and they understood that we wanted to experience, and they gladly stepped back for us to discover on our own.

Chelsea H.
Pre-College student

Try on possible futures

As you’re exploring careers, you’ll have a personal relationship with a dedicated industry professional to guide you through your experiences and discoveries. They’ll provide real-time mentoring and feedback as you blaze your own trail to your future.

Experience a Dayat EXPLO 

Take a trip through each day and see the new directions they explored and the choices they made. How will you make EXPLO your own?


Age: 17, rising 12th grader

Program: Artificial Intelligence + Machine Learning Concentration


Age: 16, rising 11th grader

Program: Engineering Concentration


Age: 17, rising 11th grader

Program: Entrepreneurship Concentration


Age: 16, rising 11th grader

Program: Medical Rotations Concentration


Age: 17, rising 12th grader

Program: Psychology + Neuroscience Concentration


Age: 18, rising 12th grader

Program: Surgical Interventions + Biomedical Engineering Concentration

Don’t forget the fun 

Just because you’re diving deep into an area you’re passionate about doesn’t mean you’ll sacrifice your summer—in fact, you’ll take it to the next level. With everything from Boston foodie tours to cruises, movie nights, and evening musical performances, you’ll have time to unwind and connect with other creative and inclusive students.

10-12 Concentrations Main Grid Image

Imagine your ultimate summer.