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Give your future a boost

EXPLO’s Career Concentrations give you practical experience in real-world professions, but they can help in other ways, too. They can be college application boosters that demonstrate your interest and creative ideas and experiences in topics that are important to you—and the world.

Get Summer Research Experience

If you're looking to dive into a research project this summer, we've got the perfect opportunity--six, in fact. All of our Concentration programs offer the option to develop formal research projects based on their hands-on curricula, guided by expert faculty. Develop foundational research skills culminating in written and oral conference-style presentations, and give your college applications a boost.

What an EXPLO-enhanced college application can do

  • Show experience with college-level coursework and faculty.

  • Offer examples of completed projects and portfolios of work.

  • Recount your Career Concentration experiences in application essays.

  • Indicate college credit earned while in high school.

  • Display previous in-depth engagement in possible majors.

Finally, EXPLO Career Concentrations show college admission officers that you’re the kind of person they’re looking for: someone who’s serious—and excited—about their education and future career path.

Show colleges you know them

Campus visits help you learn about a college or university. Use that familiarity in your application to help explain why you want to attend. At EXPLO, you’ll be able to visit several renowned Boston-area colleges for tours and activities.