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Global Economics

Negotiate trade agreements, navigate the forces of globalization, and discover how global decision-making impacts countries, industries, and individuals.

About this Workshop

Campus: Sarah Lawrence College | Rising Grades: 8,9

Take the reins of a multinational company and maximize profits in a global market. Represent the interests of a country vying to be the next Olympic host. Negotiate trade agreements amid a volatile world. Through a series of simulations and other activities, you’ll explore the dynamics of global markets, considering the impact of globalization on local, national, and international communities. Grapple with the same issues faced by business and community leaders, and the heads of G-20 nations, as you debate how global economic decisions impact countries, industries, and individuals.

Required Materials: - Laptop/tablet


Economic Motivations
Participate in trade simulations to uncover the forces that drive an economy, such as supply and demand. Create connections between these concepts and our current global economy.

Country Budget Analysis
Represent the interests of a country vying to be the next Olympic host by using economic indicators and strategic budget planning. Build the best proposal and make your case to the International Olympic Committee.

Global Product Development
Craft a business plan to help solve a global challenge. Follow the process of product development through a global system from raw materials to product sales. Trace the direction of trade and identify how to make best use of a global market.

Explore the pros and cons of globalization, mapping how countries trade and what this means for the global economy.