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Tech Innovators: Building + Coding with Arduino

Learn to code with Arduino and explore computational thinking and problem-solving.

About this Workshop

Campus: Sarah Lawrence College | Rising Grades: 8,9

Arduino is a hardware and software platform capable of controlling all sorts of objects that can sense, interact, and impact the world around us.  Dive into Arduino's software and hardware, honing your coding skills and tinkering with advanced electronics. From basic lights, motors, and sensors, to controlling robots and “smart home” devices, Arduino’s versatile platform uses elements of C and C++ coding and an easy-to-understand hardware configuration. Learn about shields, which plug into the main Arduino board and allow additional functions like sensing heat and light and GPS tracking.  For those new to coding and computers, the Arduino platform is a great place to start. And for those with coding experience, Arduino allows you to hone your skills and see immediate results in the real world.   Note that no coding experience is required for this course. The course will use pre-written example code to allow beginners to quickly tackle basic projects, while those with more experience can alter and customize the code.

Required Materials: '- Some familiarity with basic programming concepts is helpful (but not required)


Creative Coding
Whether you are a beginner or experienced coder, put your skills to work by creating and customizing basic programs with immediately visible results.

Exploring Electronics
Arduino allows you to see how hardware and software are in constant communication. In addition to coding the software, explore how different electrical connections and hardware components can impact your program.

Concept Development
Generate an original concept or idea that allows you to practice and demonstrate your programming skills.