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Engineering in Action

Uncover the physics of the world around you by designing, building, and testing a variety of ambitious projects.

About this Workshop

Campus: Sarah Lawrence College | Rising Grades: 8,9

Can you design efficient devices to help a team of nomads travel to higher ground amid a climate catastrophe? Can you help a chicken hop into a cart, safely escaping from its farm following a cage break? How about designing a sail to propel you down the hall atop a custom longboard? Solve these and other challenges as you explore real-world engineering concepts. Harness the laws of physics to tackle projects such as building a structure that can withstand wind storms and earthquakes, or constructing a model for an amusement park ride that will keep riders safe. Experience how engineers devise creative solutions for seemingly insurmountable obstacles, and how you can use the tools of engineering and design to address challenges facing our communities. Note that students are encouraged not to enroll in both the Engineering in Action workshop and the Engineering Challenges elective, as there is significant overlap in projects.


Engineering Design Process
Harness the engineering design process to approach problem-solving in a whole new way. Design, test, and analyze your solution to find the best way to fix the problem at hand.

Sails + Aerodynamics
Explore how both large and small objects can harness the power of wind as a source of propulsion, and investigate what this might mean for the future of energy and transportation.

Disaster Response
Tackle a real-life climate challenge, whether it is diverting rising floodwaters due to climate change, preparing for a record-breaking fire season, or helping a group of climate refugees escape disaster.

Skyscraper Challenge
Design a skyscraper that is both tall and structurally sound. Then test it with simulated winds and earthquakes to see how well it holds up!