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Mock Trial

Analyze the law, prepare your case, and convince the jury, as you learn about the judicial system and tackle the role of lawyers and witnesses in a simulated criminal trial.

About this Workshop

Campus: Sarah Lawrence College | Rising Grades: 8,9

The American judicial system embodies the nation’s ethical and moral code, as well as our commitment to the rule of law. In the courtroom, sharp negotiation skills, well-crafted arguments, and cohesive teamwork can make the difference between victory and defeat. After a primer on trial procedure and the rules of evidence, you’ll take a side in the EXPLO courtroom, working as a team to develop a case theory, craft opening and closing arguments, develop direct and cross examination questions, and anticipate objections. Finally, your skills will be put to the test as the EXPLO courtroom is called into session.

Required Materials: - Laptop/tablet


Argumentation Techniques
Explore aspects of effective argumentation by preparing opening and closing statements, as well as direct and cross examination questions, as you seek to present the most convincing case for the jury.

Teamwork + Collaboration
Work as a team of attorneys and witnesses to develop the most cohesive and compelling case possible, as you decipher the law and unravel the facts of a criminal case.

Case Development
Develop a case theory and theme that best supports your client’s claims. Follow legal procedures and gain a deeper understanding of the law, as you ensure that evidence is accurately and skillfully revealed in the courtroom.

Jury Deliberations
Identify the various influences on jurors and their decision-making. What techniques are the most persuasive? What biases and flaws in human judgment must attorneys overcome? Develop strategies to craft the most convincing arguments possible.