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Taking inspiration from acclaimed architects, turn an original concept for a new building of your choice into concrete architectural plans.

About this Workshop

Campus: Sarah Lawrence College | Rising Grades: 8,9

Architects create purposeful designs while developing unique forms that complement the environment. Whether it be in an urban cityscape or residential locale, you’ll consider functional design features from classical courtyards to modern lofts. Use T-squares, architectural pencils, and scaling devices to draft plans and draw elevations as you design and envision a 3D-scale model. Solicit feedback from your peers at the drafting table and determine every aspect of exterior design while creating a building that truly captures your style and vision.


Measurements, Symbols, and Floor Plans
Use proper architectural symbols for items such as steps, windows, and doors as you create floor plans.

Purpose + Functionality
Turn a warehouse into a community center. Redesign a kitchen space for your dream home. Determine the function of a space and reassess your design based on its changing purpose and needs.

Architectural Aesthetics
From modern to utilitarian, explore the architectural components of geometry, lines, and shadows, discovering your distinct design style.

3D Modeling
Build a scaled 3D model of the structure you designed by using professional architectural modeling techniques.