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Figure Drawing + Portraiture

Develop your eye as an artist and refine your drawing skills and techniques by sketching the human figure.

About this Workshop

Campus: Sarah Lawrence College | Rising Grades: 8,9

Observe the placement of the eyes on the face, the way the hairline gently curves around the ear, and how shadows emphasize the jaw. Practice an array of drawing techniques from short gesture drawings to longer figure studies. Using different materials, create figure drawings to define highlights and shadows in a portrait. Train your eye to see the body as a series of interconnected lines of varying magnitudes and weight as you balance proportion, form, and mass. Then, create a portfolio of work that will reflect a keen eye and careful hand.


Body in Motion
Throw a ball, dance in a circle, or stroll down a path, noticing the shapes your body makes and the way it moves through space. Use your observations to create drawings of bodies in motion.

Practice artistic critique, a process to describe, analyze, and interpret art to improve your future pieces and better understand the work of other artists.

Artist Statement
Define your personal statement to declare the intention behind your work and how you portray it to your audience.

Create a triptych in which each portrait uses a different medium and allows you to showcase different techniques you’ve practiced throughout the workshop.