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Chemistry in Action

Enter the lab for a close-up and hands-on experience with chemistry.

About this Workshop

Campus: Sarah Lawrence College | Rising Grades: 8,9

Explore how chemistry intersects with topics such as environmental science, food, medicine, and more, through a series of hands-on projects and experiments. Observe the properties of dry ice while using thermodynamics to create your very own ice cream. Test the characteristics of crystal polymers, and (safely) explode watermelons. Discover professional applications of chemistry as you experiment with an assortment of household items. By performing a variety of intriguing experiments, you’ll shape your understanding of chemistry and how it impacts the world around us.


Experimental Design
Outline your own experiments as you tackle design challenges. Consider and test variables using the scientific method as a guide.

Designing Hand-Warmers
Develop your own functional hand warmer and collect data to see how your creation compares to those of other scientists in the class. After a thorough analysis of the results, predict how to generate even more heat in a future iteration.

Dry Ice Properties
Play with solid carbon dioxide—a substance much colder than ice—and observe how it interacts with its environment by testing it with dye, metal, and soap.

Exploding Watermelons
There’s never been a better excuse to blow up a watermelon! Apply the Ideal Gas Law to engineer a safe method to create pressure and cause a massive melon explosion.