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Acting for the Stage

Step onto the stage and join a team of fellow actors to learn how to connect with your characters and engage the audience.

About this Workshop

Campus: Sarah Lawrence College | Rising Grades: 8,9

As actor and acting teacher Sanford Meisner said, “Acting is the ability to live truthfully under given imaginary circumstances.” Take on both leading and supporting roles to discover the techniques that actors use to embody their characters. Explore the use of pacing, tone, movement, and facial expressions to draw your audience into a scene. Develop your skills in a variety of genres, from serious dramatic scenes to show-stopping musical numbers. Explore how an actor’s performance can bring a script to life and produce a scene that moves audiences.  Note that depending on show availability and schedules, students will attend a Broadway or Off-Broadway show, as part of the workshop. An additional fee will be applied to cover the cost of that trip.


Scene Production
Create a cohesive production with a cast of fellow students. Read and interpret sections of a script, hone your acting skills through guided practice, and perform your scene live.

Expression + Emotion
Explore techniques that communicate feelings—from pacing and intensity to subtle facial expressions. Practice acting without sound to see if your audience feels what you hope to convey.

Acting Techniques
Use foundational techniques to shape your character and create an immersive scene. Adjust the volume and inflection of your voice, incorporate body movements to support your character’s development, and execute clean blocking and transitions.

Prepare a short, individual monologue by implementing acting techniques and receiving real-time feedback from your instructors and classmates.