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Psychology: Personality, Behavior, and Bias

Discover why memory may not be as reliable as we think, and how forces from the world around us impact how we see our own reality.

About this Workshop

Campus: Sarah Lawrence College | Rising Grades: 8,9

Investigate the contemporary understanding of the human psyche and how our knowledge about the brain and human behavior impacts healthcare, education, public policy, and beyond. Is our memory as reliable as we think it is? Are we really in as much control of our attention as we think we are? How do our mindsets and biases impact our reality? How does group identity impact how we perceive the world around us? Investigate the psychology behind false memories and consider the ways that media might impact our personality and behavior. Analyze subtle messaging in advertising, discover how to tap into the science that underlies human attention and behavior, and theorize how personality and behavior develop. In this workshop, we’ll consider the biological, environmental, and cultural influences on personality to interpret how the people around you perceive and navigate their worlds.

Required Materials: - Laptop/tablet


Attention + Misdirection
Explore the forces that direct and focus our attention, and how this attention can be manipulated and controlled.

Memory + Perception
Discover why memory and visual perception aren’t as reliable as we might think. Investigate what erodes memory, why things like false memories can be convincing, and how our brain can deceive us into seeing things that aren’t there.

Behavioral Theory
Use assessment protocols to predict how teams might function in isolated or extreme conditions, such as on a reality TV show or even as part of a mission to Mars.

Advertising + Social Media
Consider the ways advertising and social media influencers impact our behavior and perception of personality.