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Creative Writing

Create new characters and worlds, as you develop a voice and style that is compelling to an audience— and uniquely yours.

About this Workshop

Campus: Sarah Lawrence College | Rising Grades: 8,9

Write a story that quickly captures your readers’ attention. Try your hand at writing plot-driven historical fiction, or rugged prose inspired by Hemingway. Delve into cross-cultural divides, and explore what it takes to craft a believable fictional world. Focus on plot, dialogue, characterization, and tempo as you play with words and experiment with style. Get serious about your imagination as you work to immerse your readers in your creation, creating captivating characters and an engaging narrative.


Rewriting Plots
Rewrite history and shake up your favorite fictional scenes by reworking how characters interact, reimagining how conflicts arise, and reconfiguring the story’s ending.

Character Creation
What happens when your characters meet? Test your characters’ motivations, traits, flaws, and goals as they interact with others.

Figurative Language
Have a whale of a time exploring how literary devices such as personification, simile, metonymy, and metaphors enhance your prose.

Personal Style + Editing
Develop a writing style and find your voice as you compose an original piece. Practice polishing your work using a variety of editing and revision techniques.