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Cinema Studies + Filmmaking Techniques

Immerse yourself in the art of film, studying the tools filmmakers use to shape their artistic visions.

About this Workshop

Campus: Sarah Lawrence College | Rising Grades: 8,9

Filmmakers are dedicated to creating immersive cinematic experiences, willing viewers to suspend their disbelief. Evaluate a film’s progression, pacing, and themes to determine whether a director successfully conveys their intended message. Explore a variety of film genres, tracing their cultural and historical roots, and participate in critique sessions with fellow students. Comparing your responses to those of popular critics, watch and examine films from a new perspective. Then, put your skills to the test as you work with a team to craft a film of your own.


Genre + Style
Discover the unique techniques and styles that help to define different film genres, and put these to work as you plan a short film of your own.

Analyze camera placement, camera movement, and scene composition, determining how these techniques contextualize characters and settings.

Explore how a scene’s aesthetic and staging can impact audience expectations to support a film’s underlying themes.