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Video Game Level Design

Peek behind the curtain of your favorite games to learn the art and science of developing compelling levels.

About this Workshop

Campus: Sarah Lawrence College | Rising Grades: 8,9

Design a memorable gameplay experience for a 2D-platformer. Investigate mechanics that have made classic games successful, and consider how player and enemy design, as well as narrative and artistic style, all come together to help propel a game's success. Use professional game-design software to turn your ideas into digital reality. Design imaginative environments and program controls for a variety of character types as you create a level for your own game. Conceptualize, prototype, and playtest as you polish your next big idea.


Prototype Creation
Before jumping into developing your game, explore a variety of game components and create a prototype for critique and feedback.

Game Analysis
Play and analyze 2D-platformers to identify exemplary level-design choices. Break down screenshots from popular games to learn the building blocks of level design.

Game Challenges
Tackle various game development challenges like player actions, environmental obstacles, and enemy mechanics to develop logic for gameplay.

GameMaker Studio 2
Design and build using the same development software that successful indie game developers use. The GameMaker engine supports all of the tools necessary to create art assets, code gameplay, and design fully featured levels.