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Competitive Debate

Sharpen essential debating skills as you compete against opponents in various forms of debate.

About this Workshop

Campus: Sarah Lawrence College | Rising Grades: 8,9

Construct an argument that anyone would be hard-pressed to dispute, enhanced by strong body language, vocal projection, and other public speaking techniques. Show off your skills as you incorporate impromptu speaking techniques into one-on-one debates, working to insert points of information and defend your stance. Learn the rules and techniques of popular debate styles like Public Forum, and participate in a final debate tournament, facing off on a variety of issues. Whether you plan to argue Supreme Court cases or just want to learn new skills of persuasion, learning to use words and information to your advantage will help make your arguments stick.

Required Materials: - Laptop/tablet


Crafting Arguments
Dissect arguments to determine what makes some convincing while others fall flat. Analyze your competitors’ statements, as you consider what the most effective response will be.

Research + Evidence
Improve your research techniques by using a wide variety of reliable resources as you mine for information with skill and speed.

Stay on the offensive with strong and sharp responses. Keep your opponent on their toes using quick retorts and timely arguments.

Impromptu Speaking Skills
Sometimes the best arguments are unscripted and unrehearsed. Practice responding on the fly and thinking on your feet.