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International Law + Diplomacy

Enter the mind of a diplomat as you negotiate treaties and address global challenges with your colleagues from around the world.

About this Workshop

Campus: Sarah Lawrence College | Rising Grades: 8,9

Our interconnected world thrives on effective trade and migration policies, the enforcement of international norms, and the negotiation of multinational solutions to global challenges. Rising global temperatures are accelerating food and health crises, hackers present unique challenges to the global financial order and international security, and humanitarian crises torment war-torn regions. Through discussions, simulations, and other activities culled from the headlines, analyze international laws and communicate your policies with world leaders to advance your country’s interests. Apply both theory and real-world precedent to balance the needs of your constituents with the competing goals of an ever-changing global landscape.  Note that depending on tour availability and schedules, students will take part in a tour of the United Nations headquarters, possibly followed by a briefing with the U.S. mission to the UN. An additional fee will be applied to cover the cost of that trip. 

Required Materials: - Laptop/tablet


Global Simulation
Identify and prioritize your country’s goals while navigating international relations simulations. Determine how to react when there is no optimal solution, then use diplomatic negotiation skills to sway your allies and adversaries.

State vs. International Interests
The stability of continued globalization relies on the relationships between world powers. Practice balancing your country’s interests with the interests of the larger international community, deciding what you’re willing to contribute to the greater good.

Diplomatic Tools
Use diplomatic tools such as sanctions, aid, and deterrence to influence other countries and further your goals. Consider international relations theories, such as interventionism or isolationism, as you weigh complicated decisions.

International Law
Discover the purpose of international law and how to work within the international justice system to ensure that your country is treated fairly and equitably.