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Marketing + Advertising

Inspired by market research and popular advertising campaigns, build an iconic brand.

About this Workshop

Campus: Sarah Lawrence College | Rising Grades: 8,9

Have you ever felt like an ad was directly targeted at you? Have you ever wondered how companies choose the actors and models for their ad campaigns? How should companies respond to major societal events? Outstanding marketing is at the heart of every successful business. Whether through individual messaging or a large-scale marketing campaign, marketers promote a company’s image and motivate people to engage with their brand. Start by examining data from your target market and connect these insights with consumer psychology research. Then, explore messaging techniques, such as humor and storytelling, to increase the influence of your advertisements. Finally, work to develop a strategy that will inform a comprehensive marketing campaign. From digital and print ads to social media platforms, ensure that your deliverables are aligned and your campaign is persuasive.

Required Materials: - Laptop/tablet


Market Research
Identify the characteristics of your customer base to more effectively target your messaging. Explore marketing data from top-performing companies to determine how they expand their reach.

Consumer Psychology
Review consumer psychology research to discover what motivates people to engage with a product or service. Frame an appealing message that can convince your target market to buy in.

Brand Identity
Design a logo and slogan that will launch your brand and stick with customers. Identify the colors, phrases, and fonts that can solidify your place in the market.

Marketing Campaign
Create a comprehensive advertising and marketing campaign that effectively tells the story of your business. Then, communicate your vision by pitching your campaign.