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Find your Ultimate Day at this summer camp program for elementary students

What would the ultimate day camp in Boston look like to you? At EXPLO, it looks very much like a sleepaway program, just without the sleeping. In our Ultimate Day program, you can participate in all of the same surprising, creative adventures together with residential students, including evening activities and weekend trips.

Build every day your way

The Ultimate Day program is all about flexibility. You can come early and have breakfast with sleepaway students if you want, or stay late for dinner and a movie night too. You can even join us for weekend trips around Greater Boston. Each day can be different, according to your schedule.


Pick your summer schedule

Select from 8 to 13 hours of EXPLO fun each day—with trips available each weekend to places like the New England Aquarium, Canobie Lake Park, Boston’s Museum of Science, a surfing school, indoor skydiving, and more.

  • Start your EXPLO day
    7:30 AM OR 8:30 AM
  • End your EXPLO day
    4:15 PM OR 8:45 PM

Now, fill your days with fun

What interests you most?
Choose two workshops + three electives

Workshops are collaborative, hands-on experiences that explore topics in a variety of subjects, letting you pursue different interests. Electives are more focused and skills-based. (A workshop may cover game design; an elective exclusively covers chess or Settlers of Catan.)

You get to choose 

Combine any two workshops and any three electives to create your ideal schedule. There are dozens of choices and thousands of possible combinations—what will yours be?

  • Amusement Park Engineering / Performing Arts / EMT + First Aid / Tennis / Theater Special Effects
  • Spying + Surveillance / Jurassic Science / Cake Decorating / No-Sew Fashion Design / Archery
  • Math Mysteries + Logic Puzzles / Coding + Robotics / Ball Run Engineering / Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Fiction Writing / Swim Lessons

I came back to EXPLO because of all the fun I have, and the staff members, and that you get to choose your own classes. I really like how there's a bunch of different classes. I stay late every day and get here early too.

Shannon P.
EXPLO Junior student

Living the EXPLO life


Our student experience is unique 

Choose activities like swimming, making music, playing board games, or capturing the flag. You’ll have the option of going on weekend adventures to places like amusement parks, museums, and canoe trips. Our traditions help make us more than a summer camp program for elementary students: Element Chants, the Numa, Community Meetings, and Wall Ball games are all part of your Ultimate Day.


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Ultimate flexibility at the ultimate day camp in Boston

We want to share more of what makes us special, because when you spend extra time with the EXPLO community, friendships grow stronger and more learning happens. Three late evenings per session are included in your Ultimate Day tuition. Breakfast, additional evenings, and weekend trips have a small fee that’s part of your trips and sundries account.

Junior Kids

Feel like staying?

The more EXPLO you experience, the less you may want to leave—and that’s great! For many kids, EXPLO is their first sleepaway experience, so we put everything we have into providing an inclusive, supportive home away from home for both first-time and seasoned overnighters.

Get to know your summer home.