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Part magic, part summer enrichment program

Session 2 Enrollment Ends July 15

At EXPLO, we’re inventors, entrepreneurs, artists, engineers, and more. We design summer enrichment programs with immersive, boundary-pushing worlds for you to explore. Here, clever young people take the time to wonder, find passions, and make surprising discoveries. Learn how to let passion and curiosity lead in everything you do. Come shine with us.

  • Grades 4-5
  • Grades 6-7
  • Grades 8-9
  • Grades 10-12

Grades 4-5


EXPLO 360°

Choose your own adventure.

Interested in Jurassic Science or No-Sew Fashion Design? Get the fun of summer camp with the excitement of learning new things in any subject. You’ll make friends and have adventure buddies from around the world—play your way to new discoveries with us.

Grades 6-7

Explo 360°

EXPLO 360°

Design your ultimate summer.

Interested in Hovercraft Physics or Creating a Hit Song?

Learn new things in any subject—with friends from around the world who just get you. Ask all the questions, go on all the trips, or take a quiet afternoon to relax—you decide what your summer will look like at EXPLO.


Veterinary Science Focus Program

Do what you love.

Work with real animals and models alongside professional veterinarians and learn to diagnose diseases, check vital signs, suture wounds, splint broken limbs, and more. Trips to wildlife centers, clinics, and rehabilitation centers give you an authentic experience in animal medicine. Do what you love—and have summer fun too.

Grades 8-9


EXPLO 360°

Hello, future me!

What excites you? Is it Fashion Illustration? Sports and Society? Aeronautical Engineering? Digital Music Production? Not sure yet? That’s okay too! At EXPLO, you have the freedom to choose activities you’re actually into—and try new things in a judgment-free zone to find the real you.


Medical Specialties Focus Program

Be a doctor.

Step into the life of a medical doctor and make rounds through specialties like internal medicine, trauma care, cardiology, and pathology. You’ll work with medical professionals from top hospitals to learn skills like suturing,intubation, and reading X-rays. You’ll also make new friends and have summer fun.

Grades 10-12


EXPLO 360°

Learning through explorations.

From Forensic Biology to 3D Animation for Game Design

You have so many interests and talents that it’s hard to pick just one thing. Explore opportunities that you didn’t even know were possible—without having to commit to a specific area of interest. You’ll have unedited and challenging experiences that spark passions you didn’t know you had. 

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Career Concentrations

Try on possible futures.

From Psychology + Neuroscience to AI + Machine Learning

In this professional immersion, you’ll see how things work now—and where they might be headed in the future. You’ll work with industry experts and top faculty from diverse institutions, tackle industry challenges, and enhance your college application with real experience—and the option to earn college credit.

Explorations at Berkeley

Explorations at Berkeley

See where your interests lead.

Dive into topics you love while soaking up the sun and endless possibilities in the Bay Area—at the nation’s top-ranked public University. Expand your possibilities with hands-on projects, new ideas to explore, and research opportunities to jump into—giving you a real-world adventure as you gear up to start college.

Oxford 3x5

Explorations at Oxford + London 

Make connections.

Spend an unforgettable week at beautiful Worcester College, Oxford, and another at University College London—two of the highest-ranked colleges in the world. Dive into Business, Law + Politics as well as Architecture, Arts + Culture, in cities packed with tradition, culture, innovation, and fun.


It’s in our roots to spark brilliance


Since our founding in 1976 as a nonprofit startup out of MIT, EXPLO has created transformational learning environments of intellectual inquiry and spirited adventure. In roughly 50 years, we’ve brought together over 89,000 students and educators from 101 countries for summer enrichment programs.

Our alumni at a glance

Explo_homepage_banner (1)

We are EXPLO

Our alumni have founded startups like Instagram and nonprofits for climate resilience, won GRAMMY Awards, become NASA scientists, and more—with 70+ Forbes 30 Under 30 awardees. Our faculty have included Pulitzer Prize winners, state Supreme Court justices, founders of social impact organizations, award-winning researchers, and best-selling authors.

Jon Chang
Jon Chang
VP Growth Marketing, theSkimm | Forbes 30 Under 30
Celia Rose Gooding
Celia Rose Gooding
Actor + Singer | Grammy Award Winner, Tony Award Nominee
Kevin Systrom Former CEO Instagram
Kevin Systrom
Co-founder and former CEO of Instagram | Forbes 30 Under 30
Salvador Gomez Youth Empowerment Activist Founder
Salvador Gomez
Climate Resilience and Youth Empowerment Activist Founder, Light and Hope for Puerto Rico
Katie Stack Morgan
Katie Stack Morgan
Scientist, NASA Jet Propulsion Lab, Mars 2020 Rover Mission, PhD Caltech | Forbes 30 Under 30
Smiti (Ruia) Kanodia Business Leader
Smiti (Ruia) Kanodia
Business Leader + Entrepreneur | Founder, Time Out India

Curiosity is our engine.


At EXPLO, young people unwind complexity through personalized, playful, and inquisitive project-based learning. Workshops are developed collaboratively with our partners in industry and academia. Here, students make big-picture discoveries about the world, the future, and their place in it.


Research at EXPLO Exploration Center

Our team of dedicated researchers, developers, and designers are professional idea and inspiration hunters—physicists, engineers, mathematicians, writers, artists, biologists, lawyers, economists, public policy experts, bioengineers, forensic scientists, and more. Complex questions that cross disciplines light us up.

Ideas for the future with industry collaborators

Collaborators across science, art, business, psychology, medicine, politics, engineering, technology, education, and beyond help us develop immersive experiences and challenges that spark new ideas. They also provide support for underserved students to attend EXPLO programs.


Elevate consulting
+ advising for K–12

Independent schools, nonprofit organizations, and more seek our expertise; we provide solutions to help schools and other educational organizations accelerate their capacity to design, lead, and implement the unique learning environments needed for students to thrive.

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