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Drawing Studio

About this Elective

Campus: Wellesley College | Rising Grades: 10,11,12 | Program: EXPLO Pre-College

Take a minute to slow down and identify what it means to really see while developing a vocabulary for discussing, thinking, and writing critically about a drawing. Through close observation and working extensively in graphite and charcoal, explore scale and proportion, perspective, line, value, shape, texture, as well as light and shadow. Practice with landscapes, figure drawing, “blind” contour-drawing, self-portraits, and more. Produce unique work that will become part of your portfolio and may be submitted for display at the end-of-session art gallery exhibition. Students will participate in regular critique sessions. Note: In this elective, you’ll use charcoal and other mark-making supplies that may stain clothing. Students are advised to dress appropriately to engage in creative work. This course is appropriate for beginners, as well as those looking to advance their skills.