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Gastronomy: the Art + Science of Cooking + Eating

About this Elective

Campus: Wellesley College | Rising Grades: 10,11,12 | Program: EXPLO Pre-College

Enter the kitchen laboratory. Learn to make vegetables sous-vide to compare how this process transforms both taste and texture in surprising ways. Bake molten chocolate lava cakes to analyze the process of heat diffusion in creating a rich, decadent treat. Investigate how to use spherification to transform juice into small bursts of flavor, and delight guest diners with an unusual dessert spaghetti made completely out of fruit purée. Blend classic culinary traditions, decoration, and design with novel scientific techniques as you introduce your tastebuds to a unique gastronomical experience. Please note: Students with food allergies or sensitivities should contact our Admission Office for more details before enrolling in this course. This course may not be appropriate for students with specific dietary restrictions.