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About this Elective

Campus: Wellesley College | Rising Grades: 10,11,12 | Program: EXPLO Pre-College

This elective will explore photography as both storytelling and as an expressive medium. Camera vision is more intense and intentional than our everyday seeing and can reveal things about the world we might otherwise walk by without noticing. The workshop will cover the basic capabilities of the camera as a tool, and then quickly move into how to approach a visual story. Explore how composition and lighting affect images. Investigate how to express time, emotion, and visual beauty in a single frame, and sequence your images into a compelling story. Examine the work of influential photographers, build photography skills through candid and posed exercises, and present your work on campus. Note: Any digital camera, including a good smartphone camera, will work for this course. Ideally, your camera will allow you to control f-stops and shutter speeds. You will need media storage. Film cameras are not appropriate.