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Grades 10–12 | COLBY COLLEGE | WATERVILLE, METhe Future is Here

Earn college credit and gain professional experience with industry experts by your side.


Session 1: June 27 – July 9, 2021
Session 2: July 11 – July 23, 2021
Session 3: July 25 – August 6, 2021

Pre-College + CareerBring Your Future into Focus with Real-world Projects and Immersive Career Exploration

For EXPLO students entering grades 10–12, college is on the horizon. What if you could test-drive your future before making a decision that defines the course of your life? EXPLO Pre-College + Career programs are an unparalleled opportunity for students to explore an academic major and career they are passionate about — not through textbooks and lectures, but by completing real-world projects created exclusively for EXPLO by the experts and academics shaping the future of the profession.   

Work and learn side by side with leaders in their fields every day. Enjoy a continuous feedback loop and nonstop engagement. Identify your top skills and talents. Learn how to spot incredible opportunities — and make the most of them. Earn college credit for your hard work as you prepare for college, career, and beyond.

Real-world projects pioneering the future of the field    

Get hands-on experience in the work of the profession with projects created by industry experts who are pioneering the future of their fields.


Personal coaching by industry experts

Get direct feedback and coaching from career mentors who will become the foundation of your professional network.

Concentration Experts

Diverse and vibrant community of smart and curious students

EXPLO is a community that celebrates both individuality and the common ground that connects us: an insatiable curiosity to get out and explore. Here, you’ll learn alongside peers from diverse backgrounds who expand your horizons — and make lifelong friends.

Student Life

Developing lifelong explorers

We design transformational learning experiences that allow our students to develop the skills and habits of explorers — those who are known to overcome challenges and accomplish great things.


Characteristics of an Explorer


At EXPLO, we empower students to take charge of their learning and work together to create — and enjoy — deeper meaning. Collaboration with experts and leading academics who validate your ideas and challenge your thinking will bolster your confidence and encourage you to ask keener questions, be open to help, and courageously try new and unexpected paths as you plant or your future. Here, you’ll learn how rewarding it is to be bold and step into your future with the courage to seize new opportunities and make an impact.


In the real world, solving complex problems depends on our ability to work collaboratively and invite diverse perspectives that bolster our own thinking and understanding. We rarely get it right the first time (or the second…or even the third or fourth). Whether it’s founding a business, creating compelling entertainment, or conducting groundbreaking research, your ability to make change in the world will require you to engage with a wide variety of people — and to learn to spot opportunities where others may not. At the end of the day, an explorer isn’t keeping count of how many times their attempts fall short. They’re taking each attempt as another shot at learning what can be done to improve the next time — and applying that learning toward solutions that will shape the future.

Think Big + Take Action

At EXPLO, we embrace your outsized imagination and empower you to be even bolder in your ideas and actions. Pitch your own project ideas and plot it out from vision and proposal to planning and execution. Present your work to professionals and get feedback that will have you ideating and iterating more than you ever thought possible. We’re here to illuminate the road ahead, but which path you choose — or how you’ll carve out a new one — is up to you.

Humility + Conviction

A true explorer also knows that a big part of being able to navigate their journey is by not only staying true to themselves, but also having the humility to learn from other people and their diverse views and backgrounds. That means keeping an open mind — and that also means being able to lean on each other and asking for help. At EXPLO, we thoughtfully and intentionally create spaces and events that facilitate, encourage, and enthusiastically promote diverse perspectives and ideas among students with myriad backgrounds and life experiences. Opportunities for collaborative discussions empower students to embrace and celebrate their unique views and how their authentic ideas contribute to deeper critical thinking as we create knowledge and understanding together — and the journey is all the more meaningful for it.


AcademicsDive Into Deeper Learning

EXPLO Pre-College + Career concentrations provide a deep dive into a subject that lights you up. Whether you want to pursue a career in STEM, law, or business, we’ve got a concentration for you.

Get hands-on experience in the work of the profession with projects created by industry experts who are innovating the future of their fields. Build a functional self-driving car; prepare functional biosynthetic cardiac tissue; investigate a real-life cold case with a renowned forensic expert; dive into the American justice system alongside a state supreme court justice; get coaching from leading business consultants to address problems plaguing actual businesses; design and build an implantable medical device — and so much more. Our Pre-College + Career concentrations include:

Select concentrations are eligible for college credit.

Explore Our Concentration Offerings

Program Dates2021 Session Dates

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Once an Explorer, Always an Explorer

EXPLO alumni are lifelong learners, and they’ve got stories to prove it. Check out some of our notable alumni…

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