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3D Animation for Game Design

Bring your ideas to life and create immersive worlds as you hone your creativity and build industry skills in the field of animation.

About this Workshop

Campus: Wellesley College | Rising Grades: 10,11,12

Exciting graphics, detailed characters, and seamless animations are essential to creating a realistic and engaging gaming experience. Using professional software, learn the tools and technical skills necessary to bring your ideas to life with application in the gaming, film, commercial animation, and technical 3D modeling fields. Start with classical animation exercises, such as the bouncing ball, to practice core skills like arcs, squash-and-stretch, and adding secondary action. From there, design an eye-catching character and a walking animation cycle before manipulating a 3D model to create the illusion of life through expressive posing and realistic motion simulation. Working as part of a creative team, develop a game concept and craft your hero from initial concept to a fully developed, expressive character. As you craft a final character sequence, you’ll hone your creative process and cultivate a foundation on which to further explore the field of animation.


Use Industry-Standard Software
Design and develop a game using the same 3D animation software used to create major gaming titles, TV spots, major motion picture film sequences, and technical 3D models.

Apply the 12 Principles of Animation
Developed by animators at the Walt Disney Company, these guiding principles offer animators a baseline for conceptualizing and creating realistic characters, believable movement, and effective animation.

Rigging Characters
Practice manipulating character movement, designing expressive facial animations, and breaking limbs into moveable components through character rigging to make your characters appear lifelike and believable in motion.

Master Class in Game Design
Get an insider’s view of the gaming industry through expert instruction on crafting games for the market.