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Acting + Directing

Rehearse the methods, training, and processes used by professional actors and directors, and gain confidence in your preparation and performance on stage.

About this Workshop

Campus: Wellesley College | Rising Grades: 10,11,12

Stepping into the theater can feel like walking into another life. The stage places our humanity under the lights and allows us to see ourselves reflected anew in characters and circumstances that can mirror and expand our understanding. Begin by developing technique in movement, voice-work, and dynamic character performances. Analyze and interpret a variety of scripts, breaking down each scene and dialogue sequence into beats. In small groups, direct and perform selected scenes with focused attention on intent, line delivery, story, and action while preparing for a final, on-campus performance. You will also learn the business of acting, including the audition process, casting calls, and booking, through a master class with an industry insider. Explore how different directors’ perspectives can alter the meaning of a script, and how an actor’s performance can bring a script to life on stage.


Movement Technique
Practice daily movement exercises, and integrate body and spatial awareness into your character-development process and presence on stage.

Improve your ability to give constructive feedback to fellow actors, and use criticism to take the power of your own performance.

Master Class in Technique
Participate in an expert-led special session and take away practical tips and inspiration to move your performance to the next level.

Live Performance
Produce and perform a series of short scenes on the stage at the end of the session. Costumes, lighting, and set design will be used to enhance the performance.